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307 , 315 , 605 squadrons photos needed

mattm1970 4 | 9
2 Jul 2010 #1
Does anybody have any photos please ? Many of the old geocites online seem to have gone down in the last couple of years -
2 Jul 2010 #2
You may get lucky with Google image caches of these sites. Give it a whirl...
internaldialog 4 | 145
2 Jul 2010 #3
307 squadron --

307 Squadron was the only of the Lincolnshire-associated Polish sqns which did not fly Spitfire. One of its original Defiant, N1671, is now on display at the RAF Museum Hendon. (also other squadrons listed)

also try this lists many squadrons

On June 8, 1946, the Allies celebrated their World War II success with the London Victory Parade without Polish colors flying and without Polish soldiers present. Among those attending was Abyssinia, Brazil, Persia, Mexico, Nepal and... Luxembourg (?) After having rendered the Allies momentous service, Poles were excluded from this celebration - and in a deceitful way. ( Read more). Although they had fought on the right side, they had lost. A few weeks after the Parade, painted "Poles go home" signs appeared on walls in England. In addition, the British press took an anti-Polish tone.

hope they help and remember "google" is your friend :)
domix - | 5
28 Apr 2014 #4
Welcome to the exhibition on "Polish 307 RAF Squadron"-
Splintoff - | 1
20 Nov 2015 #5
Just a quick link for those that have reference to the 307 Squadron. My documentary - Wojna Tatusia - in honour of my father Michal Drzazga on my Vimeo accoiunt: -

Loads of photos, many I have no idea of who they are, have fun finding your rellies.

Marek Drzazga
20 Nov 2015 #6
Wojna Tatusia

Daddy's War not Daddies :(

Currently watching. :D

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