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Seeking information on Milewski/Ciborowski relatives/ancestors

13 Oct 2014 #1
I am looking for information on my Polish ancestors. My great-great grandparents were Wjociech Milewski & Anna Nee Dzierzanowska (Milewski). They lived in Milewo, Poland according to my information. Around 1900 Anna traveled with 3 of their 4 children to the U.S., leaving Wjociech and a son, Franciszek behind. I am looking for birth & death dates and any life stories or a marriage record. Also, my great-great grandparents Ludwick Ciborowski & Valeria Nee Kuliszyna (Ciborowski), lived in the same area and also looking for birth, marriage, death dates and stories. They had a baby girl that died as an infant and 3 other children. I believe their records could be in the parish in Trzcianne, Poland near Milewo. I have been unable to find out how to contact this parish to see if they could be of assistance.
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14 Oct 2014 #2
MILEWSKI: topo nick from Milewo

CIBOROWSKI: topo nick from Cibory or Ciborze

DZIERŻANOWSKI: topo nick from Dzierżanów or Dzierżanowo

Coats of arms accompany all three surnames.

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