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Searching for Terence William Meadows

22 Apr 2013 #1
Hi Everyone, I am trying to find someone, well my dad he came over to Poland around at least 18 years ago it may have been alot later but its only what i have been told

his name is Terence william meadows and born 1945 making him roughly 68 years old and he most likely would of been a lorry driver.
I am desperate to find him if anyone has any information could you leave details Thanks
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
24 Apr 2013 #2
Are you saying you were conceived while he was passing through Poland as a lorry driver? He must've left the country, because there's nobody by the name of Medaows in Poland. Unless he changed it to £ączka, £ąkowski or something similar?
OP Missbooboo
24 Apr 2013 #3
thank you so much for your reply , i really appreciate it.
No he was married to my mum, and as i say he left to Poland And no one has seen him since,
When you say there is no one of the name meadows in Poland, do you mean you cant find that name or there is no meadows at all,

He may of changed his name im not sure, Thanks for your help x
24 Apr 2013 #4
Hi. The last time I saw Terry was the late 90's and he was living in Romania then.
24 Apr 2013 #5
OP Missbooboo
25 Apr 2013 #6
Hi Thanks for messaging Jan, Do you have any other information, did you know my dad well? did he mention me, or were he was going

Im desperate to find him, Thanks for helping :)
i cannot translate the link you gave harry even tried google translate but i cannot make sense of it :(
25 Apr 2013 #7
It appears to be court paperwork for a case brought by Adriana Meadows regarding recognition of the judgment of divorce issued by Chelmsford County Court (which is in the county of Essex in the UK).
OP Missbooboo
25 Apr 2013 #8
Hi i think ive figured it out if its him he was married to an Adriana meadows but they are now divorced but i dont know were the divorce happened - but i think im getting closer thank you all for your help :)

Thank you so much Harry you dont know what help youve been a thousand thanks im getting straight on to it now Thank you a million times over xxxxxxx
25 Apr 2013 #9
they are now divorced but i dont know were the divorce happened

You're correct, to a point: the divorce took place in the UK (which is why it was issued by Chelmsford County Court) and Adrianna Meadows then applied for the court in Romania to recognise that divorce.
OP Missbooboo
25 Apr 2013 #10
sorry to bother you again Harry, so could he still be in Romania then?
25 Apr 2013 #11
Sorry but I have no idea. Although if he and Adrianna Meadows are both in Romania, why did they get divorced in the UK?
OP Missbooboo
25 Apr 2013 #12
Yes Common sense really, Thank you again for taking the time to help me, I do really appreciate it, More than you think,
You take care Harry bye for now :) x
25 Apr 2013 #13
Happy to help. The is a Terrance W Meadows living in Essex in a place called Rayne. The nearest court to Rayne would be in Chelmsford. More details
25 Apr 2013 #14
Well done Harry! I have looked at the electoral roll you provided and I remember that Terry had a friend called Graham Simpson,so I guess it is him. miss booboo, I'm jan and was married to your dad (we divorced in 1985) Are you Kimberley?
OP Missbooboo
25 Apr 2013 #15
Hi Jan Yes I'm Kimberley, How did you know who i was I wasn't born until 1989? Please tell me more about you and dad, this is very overwhelming for me, Im lost for words

8 years searching and Ive never felt closer, But yet so far

Did you have any children together, how long was you married sorry for the questions x
Wroclaw 44 | 5,386
25 Apr 2013 #16
careful when parting with information..... you are on an open forum.....

either register and use the PM system...... or leave an email address and go from there.
OP Missbooboo
25 Apr 2013 #17
I understand - Jan Please contact me edit Please, whenever your ready too :)
I'll understand if it is too much for you,
Thank you everyone for your help :)

When Jan answers I will remove the address
25 Apr 2013 #18
Wise advice I have noted the e mail address. can you remove my last post too?
f stop 25 | 2,513
26 Apr 2013 #19
Polishforum at its finest!

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