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Searching for maternal family Gurkowski / Gorkowski

vomLomza 2 | 9
15 Aug 2014 #1
Searching for family great grandfather Jan Gurkowski, born Sułocin, Sierpc. cr.1840
I know his father is Andrzeja Gurkowski and mother is Marianna, but do not know her family name.
I am in search for his mothers family name, his brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts. Any information I can get.

Jan married Maryanna Gorecka (daughter of Mateusz and Jozefa Szczygielska). They resided in Dobrzenice Wielkie parafia Mochowo and had children there.
Jan and Marianna also resided in Przeradzu Wielkim at marriage of son Ignaci to Mariannę Laskowską in 1900, and until death of Jan in 1908.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Aug 2014 #2
GURKOWSKI: misspelling of Górkowski; topo nick from Górka (many such loalities in Poland); also Górecki can be an adjectival from of Górka.

LASKOWSKI: topo nick from Laski, Laskowo, Lasków and similar (Forestville, Woodbury, etc.)

GÓRKOWSKI - 1 coat of arms
GÓRECKI - 14 coats of arms
LASKOWSKI - 12 coats of arms
jwdupon - | 4
7 Oct 2014 #3
On 22 Feb 1865, in Maluszyn, Gojsk parish, Jan Gorkowski, son of Andrzej Gorkowski and Maryanna Karczenowska, age 23 born in Sułocin married
Maryanna Gorecka, daughter of Franciszek Gorecki and Julianna Chebonowska, age 22, born in Nadroz.

Born in Dobrzenice Mały:
Ignacy, 30 Jul 1872;
Maryan, 31 Jan 1875;
Aleksandra, 4 May 1878;
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Oct 2014 #4
GURKOWSKI: probably a misspelling of Górkowski and that -- a toponmyic nick from places such as Górka, Górkowo and similar. Root-word górka (small hill), hence toponymic Eng. equivalents = Hillton, Hillbury, Hillville. Both Gurkowski and Górkowski have coats of arms.

SZCZGIELSKI: root-word szczygieł (bullfinch, bird species); probably originated as toponymic nick from places like Szyczygły or Szczyglice (Bullfinchville); 2 coats of arms.

LASKOWSKI: root-word laskowy (hazel); toponymic nick from villages such as Laski, Lasków and Laskowo (Hazelton, Hazelville); 12 idfferent coatrs of arms.

For more information on the above, please contact: resarch60@gmail
OP vomLomza 2 | 9
8 Oct 2014 #5
Thank you jwdupon, I have done research on my great grandmother Marianna Gorecka and found her parents to be Mateusz Gorecki and Jozefa Szczygielska.
There is a very slim possibility I may be wrong, but I did cross reference with a few other records to come to my conclusion.

The dates you have are very close and two of their children are noted, which adds to the possibility of being correct. My great grandparents had five children and Aleksandra is not one of them, (that I know of).

One daughter,Stanislawa, married Franciszek Malicki. Franciszek Malicki was noted with son Ignaci Gorkowski on Jan Gorkowski death notice.
Where did you find this information? Can I search further to see if there is a connection?
Thank you for your help

jwdupon - | 4
21 Feb 2015 #6
My information is from my own index of marriage and birth records in the parishes of Gojsk and Mochowo, transcribed from the microfilms of the actual records. I do not have access currently to the film but will check this entry when I again have access.
24 Jun 2019 #7
I am searching for the Family name, Piątkowski.

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