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Sadkie & Grachow Families From Warschow

Lancaster 1 | 3
23 Jan 2011 #1
My ancestors were the Sadkie family from Poland & I wonder whether anyone can tell me more about them?

The family were:
• Hyman Sadkie, born about 1851 in Russian Poland.
• Rosa Sadkie (maiden name Grachow?), born about 1853, also in Russian Poland (Hyman Sadkie’s wife, they were married in about 1871).
• Esther Sadkie, born about 1874 in Russian Poland.
• Betsy Sadkie, born about 1877 in Middlesex (Whitechapel?).
• Benjamin Sadkie, born about 1880 in Lancashire (Manchester?).
• Joseph Sadkie, born about 1882 in Lancashire (Manchester?).
• Julius Sadkie, born about 1884 in Manchester.
• Theresa Sadkie, born about 1886 in Middlesex (Whitechapel?).
• Florence Sadkie, born about 1889 in Middlesex (Whitechapel?).
• Gladys Sadkie, born about 1893 in Birmingham.
• Rachael Sadkie, born about 1895 in Birmingham.
• Rachel Grachow, born about 1831 in Russian Poland (Rosa Sadkie's mother).

The family appear to have emigrated to Britain between about 1874 & 1877 & lived initially in Whitechapel, London, then moved to Manchester, then back to Whitechapel & finally to Birmingham in the early 1890's.

Hyman Sadkie became a naturalized British Citizen on 21st February 1898. The documents state that he was born 8th April 1851 in “Warschow Polland in the Empire of Russia” & his parents were “Benjamin Sadkie & Jetty Sadkie both subjects of the Emperor of Russia”.

I understand that Betsy emigrated from Britain to the USA at some point.

• What were the Polish/Jewish names of Hyman Sadkie, his wife Rosa, their daughter Esther & Rosa’s mother Rachel? I assume that the names they used were anglicised versions of their Polish/Jewish names.

• Why do Hyman Sadkie’s naturalization documents say he was born in Warschow in the empire of Russia? I thought Warschow was in Pomerania/Prussia, near Schlawe, which was outside Russian Poland. Is there another Warschow in the area known as Russian Poland?

• Where & when were Hyman Sadkie & Rosa married (the 1911 England Census indicates they were married about 1871)? Who were her parents (the 1891 England Census indicates that her mother was Rachel Grachow born about 1831 in Russian Poland & that she came to Britain with Hyman & Rosa Sadkie because she was living with them in the 1891 England Census)?

• Where did Hyman live in Poland when he was a child & after he was married?
• I understand that Hyman & Rosa had a child who was born & died in Poland before they emigrated to Britain? Does anyone have any details?

• When & where were Hyman’s father Benjamin & mother Jetty born?
• When did the Sadkie’s emigrate from Poland to Britain? Which port did they travel from & which port did they arrive at in Britain? Which ship did they travel on?

If anyone can help with answers to any of these queries, I would be pleased to hear.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,149
23 Jan 2011 #2
Warschow in the empire of Russia

Wouldn't that be Warsaw ?
OP Lancaster 1 | 3
24 Jan 2011 #3
I thought Warsaw at first but then when I Googled "Warschow" I found a website (// with information about Warschow (now apparently named Warszkowo) in the District of Schlawe & Region of Koszalin in what was Prussia.

Trouble is, I don't think Prussia was part of Russian Poland which is why I'm confused about "Warschow".

Was Warsaw also known as Warschow?

Polonius3 994 | 12,367
25 Jan 2011 #4
Just a stab in the dark, but maybe these were shortened forms of the Polish surnames Sadkiewicz and Grachowski or Grachowicz? These exist in Polish, Sadkie and Grachow to not.
OP Lancaster 1 | 3
25 Jan 2011 #5
Polonius 3,

Thanks, that might help me in looking for the family in Polish records.
25 Jan 2011 #6
Was Warsaw also known as Warschow

Just a guess But German for warsaw was warschau, If you were stood infront of an officious type with the ability to not give you citizenship, maybee youd let him spell it any way he wanted.

maybee Rachel Grachow was a graschau. Poland probably hasnt got many lists (birth,d,m) as wars would have swallowed em, maybee try German records or jewish.
OP Lancaster 1 | 3
26 Jan 2011 #7

Thanks, a few things to think about.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
26 Jan 2011 #8
For information pertaining to Jewish records, genealogy and things, contact:, or ring: Yale Reisner: +48 22 831 1021

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