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RZARCZYNSKI finding polish friends post 2nd world war

michael11 1 | 1
24 May 2010 #1
i am trying to find a friend of my mum who arrived in USA by ship with her family the family name was RZARCZYNSKI (not sure if this is correct spelling of surname) the family ended up moving to Georgia ,USA any info would be helpful, regina.
internaldialog 4 | 145
24 May 2010 #2
i could look on for you if you could supply some more details to narrow down a search for you, i have worldwide access so i have access to Immigration records and WW2 records etc to locate when they arrived in USA
OP michael11 1 | 1
25 May 2010 #3
i will get more info for u asap thx regina

i have more info for u my mum's friend's married name is staneslawa KOWALCZYK They came to USA in 1949 frm a port in Germany i think the spelling of this port is BADEIEHINHALL?thx regina
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
29 May 2010 #4
It must be Żarczyński.

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