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Polish Romani (gypsy) surnames

13 Nov 2018 #31
My grandmothers' maiden name was Mischewski. I have been told by my aunt that we come from a long line of gypsies. Can anyone shed some light on this, please?
14 Feb 2019 #33
My last name is Cygan, assuming that means Gypsy in Polish, what are the probabilities that I have Roma blood? Also, I have seen some people mention DNA testing -- I have never seen a DNA test that would qualify a separate Roma DNA -- most can only state "Eastern European" so I am dubious. What DNA test reveals Roma ancestry?
14 Feb 2019 #34
Been told that my family name 'Pajdo' might well be of Roma origins.
14 Feb 2019 #35
If your last name is Cygan then your ancestors were either Gypsies or the people around your ancestors at the time either thought they were or behaved like Gypsies.

Cygan,or variations of it means Gypsy in many languages.
14 Feb 2019 #36
Most likely, at least on one side of the family.
9 Mar 2019 #37
Could the surname Kukal be gypsy? Great grandmother was from Prague. Correction, great, great grandmother
2 May 2019 #38
Is the Name Bartog a gypsy name.
2 May 2019 #39
It's a Hungarian surname, a variant on Bartok


There are some Roma with that name.
13 Dec 2019 #40
My grandmother was born in Poland and her maiden name was Samul, which the family changed to Samuel when they moved to the US. She oftentimes told stories of her family traveling throughout eastern Europe with a horse and cart and my great grandfather would rip people off at card games, etc. She also read palms, tea leaves, etc. Wondering if they were gypsies. The surname Samul seems unusual for Poland.
13 Dec 2019 #41
Just out of curiousity, might "Lula" also be a Romani surname?
1 Jan 2020 #42
My Polish mother surname was Baba, and my grandmother always told me that my grandfather was gypsy origin.
Can anyone tell me if this surname is related to gypsy family? Thank you for any information.
1 Jan 2020 #43
I doubt there are exclusively Gypsy surnames.
I know Polish Gypsies with surnames like Kwiatkowski or Kowalski.
The most famous Polish Gypsy poet Papusza was called Bronisława Wajs which is probably phonetical spelling of Weiss.
5 Jan 2020 #44
Are these surnames Romi? Polish Romy?
Lalicka and Tereszkiewicz
My father's parents from Tyczyn, Rzeszow,Galacia
Rich Mazur
5 Jan 2020 #45
I know Polish Gypsies

Like Polish Americans? Is there a Gypsieland somewhere? Do those Polish Gypsies see themselves as Poles? Like ever or just when it's convenient? How did they get there? Are they Poles first who happen to be Gypsies? Which comes first?

Man, do I hate those nomadic parasites whose only occupation is lie and steal, but never farm, enlist, and assimilate.

I have a cute story about two them scamming a trusting man out of 15 million bucks.

No, I don't have any stories about their positive contribution to the countries where they squat.
5 Jan 2020 #46
Pikeys diddies , bogtrotters call em what u like , they are people who are prepared to uproot and move to where the money / action is , brave self starting , confident and successful, they are no different to you rich when you left Poland for better pickings in the good old US of A , yes rich you are a Polish Pikey.

Mazur is a gypsy/ Romani surname , just google it.
5 Jan 2020 #47
Polish Gypsies have Polish surnames.
11 Feb 2020 #48
My father's name was changed from Buhawa to Buchala over 100 years ago on Ellis island. Is this a roma name
11 Feb 2020 #49
I doubt it was changed. Polish surname Buchała is roughly pronounced as /Buhawa/.
Taven baxtale
25 Mar 2020 #50
Hello my gypsy friends
I want to know too something about my surname
Vekoň or Máti/Maty
I was Born near Poland
27 Jul 2020 #51
Any idea whether Kuchinski (Kuczynski) or Kuczinska is a Gypsy surname?
27 Jul 2020 #52
@Taven baxtale
These are not Polish surnames - the diactric marks suggest another language.

It's a Polish surname.
It might be used by Polish Gypsies like other Polish surnames.
27 Jul 2020 #53
Marek Kuczyński, once a known anarchist in 1980s and 90s. He certainly wasn`t Roma.
27 Jul 2020 #54
Vekoň or Máti/Maty

These are Czech names.
13 Dec 2020 #55
Cerny (Cherny, Czerny, Cherney, etc) meaning "black".
27 Dec 2020 #56
Looking for savage family names n Smith both from Poland Romanian line please help w any Information thank you..
25 Mar 2022 #57
My Kalata Bergitka Roma family in ancient times married into Gascienca & Krzeptowski families making Gascienca & Krzeptowski have Roma bloodlines. Jan Sabala Krzeptowski comes from this bloodline also.
14 Dec 2022 #58
My last name is Siwak--it comes from a family that my grandmother has identified as being Boiko. I read that Siwak is a name common with Roma individuals living within Lemko regions. Does anyone have any information regarding this surname?

Please reach out to me at I appreciate any and all help!
14 Dec 2022 #59
My last name is Siwak

Siwak simply comes from the word 'grey' (in Polish, I guess it's pretty similar in the Boiko language) - it must have been a nickname meaning 'grey guy' (Siwak per se is a masculine form) - I know nothing about Gypsy names apart from the fact that they bear typically Polish names usually
14 Dec 2022 #60
it must have been a nickname meaning 'grey guy' (

Or its slightly different version - Siwek - meaning a horse.

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