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Looking for Records of Cygrymus Family History - Chelmza

5 Apr 2021 #1
Hello! I am trying to trace back my ancestry and hit a bit of roadblock finding records in partitioned Poland (Prussia at the time).

From some records I've found (his naturalization petition on, my ancestor Johan/Jan/Yan/John Cygrymus was born in Chełmża (voiv. Kuyavian-Pomeranian, district Toruń, Chełmża commune), but I'm having trouble locating actual birth records for proof as much of it seems to be in German or Polish. The records I've found have listed his town as "Culmsee, Germany", which I'm assuming is a different spelling based on the fact that Prussia occupied the territory then.

What I'm looking for primarily are birth records, but anything would be great. The end goal is to trace back records for citizenship - I know there are issues based on the 1920 law. I'm hoping there are some loopholes or workarounds. My great grandfather was born in the US before my great great grandfather naturalized.

My ancestor:
Johan/Jan/Yan/John Cygrymus
Married to: Aniella (spelling varies) Nowinska
Parents: Mateusz/Mathaus/Matias and Elizabeta Bering
Children: Helena, Leon/Luis (born 1901), Stanislaw, (maybe) Stella

Born: 18 May 1875 in Chelmza, partitioned Poland
Arrived in US in either 1898 or 1901 (probably 1898)
Resided in Pittsburgh PA
(Probable) death: 24 April 1914

I've found lots of different websites for finding more information, but it's all pretty confusing. I've searched the Cygrymus name on many of them, but haven't had much luck. It seems like you have to find ones specific to the province/area/town. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to find more info?

Thank you so much in advance!
pattern481 - | 4
16 Apr 2021 #2
You need to write a letter to the Archive in Toruń asking them for a scan of a birth cerificate of Jan Cygrymus.
6 Jun 2021 #3
The last name Cygrymus is very unique in Polish genealogy record accessible on line - only 3 records buy no one from Chełmża.Please visit:

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