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I'm pure Polish and have some red hair on my beard

31 May 2011 #1
I just noticed this year when I decided to let my beard grow that I have dark red hair around my chin, and under my nose and sides of my mouth. This is not like an Irish red, but a darker red...closer to a brown color. It is like a maroon color.. that is the best way I can describe it. I remember my mom telling my that my grand mother had some reddish hair. My sister and parents thinks it is bizarre, especially since no one in our family except possibly my grand mother has some reddish hair, and since most poles are either brown or blond. I've never seen any Poles with red hair.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
31 May 2011 #2
You're pure Polish, are you?

Can you prove it? Naaah. Course you can't.
31 May 2011 #3
I've never seen any Poles with red hair.

You really do need to get out of your basement, fella.
31 May 2011 #4
You are losing melanin and starting to go grey.
31 May 2011 #5
you really do need to get a life, fella

Actually everyone agrees with Alex.

So what you have red hair. Many male brunettes have redish facial hair. I know many people in Poland who have red hair not only facial.
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
31 May 2011 #6
Our bridesmaid was a natural red-head, a Pole. Although her last name had the word "Greek" in that ;-)
31 May 2011 #7
I know many people in Poland who have red hair not only facial.

Waaay too much information :)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
31 May 2011 #8
You're sitting online at some god-awful hour in the morning, talking about the colour of your hair. Pretty damn obvious that you're just the offspring of traitorous, communist scum.

What's it like, knowing your grandfather executed Polish patriots?
FlaglessPole 4 | 669
31 May 2011 #9
I remember my mom telling my that my grand mother had some reddish hair.

truly amazing, I mean genetics.. bit like electricity, you can't see it but it's there, magic
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
31 May 2011 #10
I remember my mom telling my that my grand mother had some reddish hair.

That might be where you got the red beard. Perhaps, it came from something in the water? Your beard oxidized because of it? Or, it could be someone dyed it red while you were sleeping.
31 May 2011 #11
Everyone or just You, Alex, and some of the other sc*m on this page who aren't even Polish like Seanus and other sc*m

Well, I'm Polish.

I live in Poland whole my life - you don't, so please don't tell if I'm right or wrong.

Your beard oxidized because of it?

and from sun. In summer hair gets lighter.
31 May 2011 #12
what do you know about me?

You just grew your first teenage beard. What did you want, a ticker-tape reception?
31 May 2011 #13
And no matter I register or not I will be persecuted just because of my opinions... good clear examples on this forum.

We are not persecuting you (apart delph but he persecute all Polish Americans), we're just telling you that your beliefs about Poland aren't fully true. You have idealised view on Poland, not down to Earth.

**** you slut

I defend you and you call me a slut?!

When I was a schoolgirl in my elementary and secondary school class (about 30 pupils) there were 2 persons with red hair. In my high school class (32 pupils) there was 1 person. So you have answer: about 1-2 persons in 30 in Poland have red hair. It's nothing unusual.
PolskiMoc 4 | 324
31 May 2011 #14
I think it is because you have Ginger genes in you. Like I was a Blonde when a child & My hair got darker.
Some people are Redheads as kids & later they get Darker brown hair.But, Still often have a Reddish tint.

There are Polish redheads just they tend to look different.

Polish Redheads are less common & typically have Darker Red hair & More Striaght hair.
They also don't have freckles as much like Western Euro Redheads

& Polish Redheads typically have Normal Polish features.

Unlike Western Euro redheads who typically have different facial structures & Noses & hair texture than do other Western Europeans.

My Polish Great Grandmother from Tarnobrzeg had Red hair. Very dark Red hair. Striaght red hair. No Freckles or anything like that.

Polish Redhead

Russian Redhead she is smoking

I would never think she was Irish.

You can tell she is Slavic. She just looks Russian with redhair.
David_18 68 | 982
31 May 2011 #15
My sister and parents thinks it is bizarre.

Maybe you got some scottish blood in your family!

At one point over 60.000 Scots lived in Poland.

Or it could just be that someone in your family had brown hair and the other blond. Whats your dads and moms hair colors?
OP GrzegorzK
31 May 2011 #16
Thanks PolskiMoc
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441
31 May 2011 #17
Census as of 2010 says 88% are Catholic.. your gonna doubt the census Marysia?

what people are and what people claim in Poland to be are two different things. Many Poles claim to be Catholic, but they don't practise eg. don't go to church, dislike the the church and so on. But you know better it seems.

As for the red hair- there is a small % of red hair in Poland - not a big deal and not something to write home about.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
31 May 2011 #18
I'm pure polish and have some red hair on my beard

So what ? LOL. My cousin looks straight up Celtic and he's "full" Polish. I also have a Polish friend or two who have brown hair and red beards, freckles. There's some Poles who look like that.

Trolbert - | 15
2 Jun 2011 #19
I'm pure polish and have some red hair on my beard

That's because there's no such thing as pure Polish. Word on the street is that your great, great, great grandmothers liked to party a lot!
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
2 Jun 2011 #20
Better to have red hair on your beard than ketchup, mustard or something worse!
mickstar813 - | 11
11 Jul 2012 #21
Half Japanese and red beard... And what?
18 Jan 2017 #22
One arm of my (extremely Polish) babcia's family has the red hair gene. At least one individual, sometimes two or more in every generation, that I've seen, is a red head. It's a light red, sorta strawberry blonde. The poster (regarding his facial hair) is describing auburn, a not unusual hair color among Poles. Auburn is a deep-reddish brown that looks like medium brown in dim light. But in bright light it is deep coppery red. It is often accompanied by porcelain white skin, sometimes finely freckled. Perhaps he's heterozygous for the auburn gene.
Bartkowiak 5 | 114
18 Jan 2017 #23
It's probably Scottish ancestry, I have some too in that case ;) As a full redhead that is (Jk, I'm making fun of those who believe Polish red heads are of Scottish ancestry). My mother is half Silesian and half Polish and my father is Belarusian, not really pure Polish but whatever floats your boat :/

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