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Seeking any info on Josef Macioszek born Kramsk Poland (Russia) in 1885

iammir 1 | 10
24 Feb 2014 #1
Not sure the surname spelling is correct. This was my grandfather who immigrated to the U.S. in 1903.. His father's name was Thomas and his mother's maiden name was Pauline Berkowska. Wondering if I have any relatives still living in Kramsk to whom I may leave my fortune.
enkidu 7 | 623
24 Feb 2014 #2
By father was from Krmask. All my family was from Kramsk.
We still livng here.
You can send your $$$$ straight away.
No worries!
OP iammir 1 | 10
24 Feb 2014 #3
Sorry I have to die first.

Just kidding. I read a post on this forum that said Polish relatives of Americans wouldn't be interested in meeting them unless they are rich. Truth is, even if I could locate my grandfather's family, it's only a dream I have, that I could go to Poland and meet them. But for my decendants, I would like to research and document our family roots for them to have and pass on. Culture, traditions, where we came from and who we are now - are all important and timeless curiosities to the human race.
gask7 - | 50
26 Feb 2014 #4
Sorry I have to die first.

We say : "po moim trupie" :)

Is it about this Kramsk :

Even living in Poland for searching ancestors I'm willing to use rather specialist.
It would be much better, faster and easier.

Do your parents speak Polish ?

Best regards
OP iammir 1 | 10
26 Feb 2014 #5
Yes, I plan do that someday when my time and attention can permit it. Right now my only free time is (between bites) while I am feeding my elderly mother. A few years ago I started the process for my mother's side and now know how much time and dedication it can take if you don't have the money to pay someone. It's a project that if interrupted goes stale and gets fuzzy and connections get lost. With my mother's side just when I found myself at a dead end, someone on a site like this saw the name and told me about a website that not only put me in direct connection with the family, but to the whole family group who had researched it back to the year 900. We have hundreds of members, hold regular reunions around the country and do research projects together via archeological digs to find and restore gravesites and homesteads. It's great fun and an enriching endeavor. We have a website, newsletter and even a scholarship fund for students via our membership fees etc. If anyone has troubles, there are hundreds of members to help them......because we are now family. It's an unusual thing in this day and age.

But I digress. What I meant to say was your advice is good and thank you----and also one just never knows what might come from throwing a few seeds out there.
peter_1984 - | 1
29 Oct 2017 #6
Hi maybe i could help? I'm from Kramsk@iammir

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