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Im proud to be a nordic guy, who with me here in Poland ?

Arminius911 1 | 1
20 Dec 2019 #1
Hi guys I have heard about the problem with the Kalergi plan around the world, and im happy because in Poland also there are nordic brothers that share with us the origin and race, belong to nordic race, we can become ├╝bermensch, we must fight and awake, the sub human races are against us, however we are still alive, ready for pour protection, protect our race and blood, our people deserve freedom, we are the children of gods here in the earth, we are closer to gods, we got to have glory and freedom, I hope I will be read and heard, and all nordid person will become a ├╝bermensch.
Atch 16 | 3,299
21 Dec 2019 #3
I always wonder about posts like that. Is he

a) Drunk
b) Taking the p*ss
c) A genuine eejit
Lyzko 30 | 7,390
21 Dec 2019 #4
A combo of the three, in all likelihood.
Vlad1234 16 | 757
22 Dec 2019 #5
Can people with Mediterranean or Eastern European features pretend for something? Or you regard them subhuman?
Lyzko 30 | 7,390
22 Dec 2019 #6
>Der Stuermer< would provide at least a single leaf of photographs in her editions, showcasing the "ideal" Aryan with the proverbial lantern jaw, broad shoulders, fair hair, tall frame, chiseled features and blue eyes, in stark contrast to those of either Balkan, Southern European, or Semitic background.

At least a generation or so of Germans well into the immediate post-War years were doubtless influenced, if perhaps only subliminally, by such indelible images:-)
OP Arminius911 1 | 1
16 Jan 2020 #7
i will post alter about my practice, I have been studying years and I will show my steps

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