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Pomeranian Records from 1700 Poland

Kesik 2 | 7
1 May 2011 #1
Can anyone tell me if there is a website that can give me more information on records from Polands birth,death, marriage and baptisim from the 1700's? I was researching my family surname; Kęsikowski and from records from the Pomeranian Genealogy Association and the website they had records of my family name that goes back to a baptism of a Catharinam Kęsikowska in 1730 from Drzycim,Kujawsko-Pomorskie,Poland. I can not find any records of who her father was or anything after the 1850's, the LDS-familysearch only has records as far back as 1806. I know the LDS has records as far back as 1500's because my mother's family is from Peru and LDS has thousands of records from the 1500's. Can anyone help solve this? Thank you for any insight.
8 Nov 2013 #2
seeking information about Ernst Meissner and his wife Emma Elsner (Lodz, Poland) born in the 1800's. I only know that they were in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in 1903 when their first son, my father was born. I have sketchy info about Emma and none at all about Ernst. if you can help me please.

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