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Non-Polish female-only first names not ending in letter "a" allowed for newborn baby girls born in Poland?

5 Jun 2019 #1
I am aware it is Polish law that all first names must be gender-specific, and therefore in Poland there's no such thing as a "unisex" first name. I also know it is illegal in Poland to name a newborn baby boy a female-only first name and to name a newborn baby girl a male-only first name. Are non-Polish female-only first names not ending in letter "a" (but having no Polish counterpart) allowed for newborn baby girls born in Poland? Non-Polish female-only first names such as Amber, Bethany, Brittany, Constance/Connie, Hazel, Heather, Gladys, Jennifer, Megan/Meghan, Pearl, etc? And what about non-Polish male-only first names ending in letter "a" or "ah" such as Joshua, Isaiah, etc. I know that in Poland there a common male-only diminutive name Kuba for the Polish given name Jakub. In general, are newborns who are born in Poland to Polish born & raised parents given only traditional Polish first names (which is what I'm guessing to be correct)? Or has this sort of thing been changing nowadays in modern-day Poland? And what are the most common non-Polish first names in Poland?
5 Jun 2019 #2
Generalny among very simple ppl and stars alike you see a fashion for foreign names.
Jessica and Brian became even a butt of many jokes.
By most ppl it's viewed as silly if both parents are Polish. Things look a bit differnt of course if at least one parent is foreign although even then some ppl criticise it.
OP ItsMe
5 Jun 2019 #3
Yes, I had guessed that the overwhelming majority of newborn babies born in Poland are given traditional Polish first names, especially if both parents are also born & raised in Poland. Are first names of non-Polish origin with original traditional English spellings now becoming more popular in Poland? Such as Amanda, Kara, Lara, Laura, Linda, Lisa, Tara, etc...and for boys, first names such as Brandon/Branden, Brendan/Brendon, Brent, Bret, Daryl, Dylan (These first 6 names are possibly unisex first names, although overwhelmingly male-only first names), Grant, Karl, Harold, Ronald, etc? I would guess the only major pronunciation differences of those first names between English and Polish would be Polish letters "a" and rolled letter "r"? Plus the English vs. Polish pronunciations of Laura and Linda?

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