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Michalsky/ Biela from Radziechowy, Poland

tmak77 1 | 1
9 Jan 2011 #1
Hi I am looking for any info on the Michalsky or Biela Families from the Radziechowy area. My great grandparents immigrated to Canada in 1912 from there and I don't have any real info on the family that still resided in the area. Ty
teresa55 - | 46
15 Mar 2011 #2
Can you give more detals, please.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Mar 2011 #3
MICHALSKI: patronymic nick from first name MichaƂ (app. Eng. equivalent: Michaels, Michaelson

BIELA: from biel (whiteness); probably topo nick from Biel, Biela, Bielany, Bielawa, etc. Whiting, Whitfield, Whitewood, etc.)
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
17 Mar 2011 #4
Can you give more detals, please.

This is extremely important..

No one can help if you give minimal information. given names and children and town names
if known help alot.

you can type in a surname and bring up 5 if its uncommon or 5000..
OP tmak77 1 | 1
26 May 2011 #5
Grandfather's name was Michael Michalsky. Born 1875 in Radziechowy, Poland. Married Anna Biela in 1900 in Poland. Moved to Washington U.S.A. in 1903. Moved back to Poland in 1906. Immigrated back to Alberta, Canada in 1912 with family. Wife Anna, was born April 21, 1882 in Poland. Has 2 known brothers, Karol and Martin, who both moved to Canada and then the U.S. Michael and Anna's first 2 children John (b1903) and Nellie (b. 1909) were both born in Poland. Unfortunately that is all I know
Grich - | 3
25 Dec 2012 #6
Hi tmak77,

Michael and Anna were my grandparents, and lived in Burmis at the turn of the 20th Century, immigrating from Poland. I have information to exchange with you. I am also looking for information on Anna's brother, Martin Biela who lived in Coleman. It would be nice to get in touch.
3 Jul 2016 #7
I know much about these families both in Canada and in Poland. L. Ross Taber Ab.
Grich - | 3
3 Jul 2016 #8
Thank you very much, Mr. Ross. I would like to talk with you more about my family. Please email

rosefish225 - | 1
20 Feb 2021 #9
I have quite a bit of information on the Biela family from Radziechowy. Martin Biela was my grandfather.
Grich - | 3
22 Feb 2021 #10
I am interested to hear the information you have on Martin Biela and his family. Could you please email Thank you.

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