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Help finding modern city name in Poland

16 Oct 2017 #1
My grandfather has a United States draft card here:

Which lists his place of birth as "Sieltiz", Russia, Poland in 1890.

Years later, in 1926, his wife returned to visit family in the "Stowacsnic" District, in Biala, Poland as shown here:

I believe these two locations are the same (or at least near) to one another, but cannot find modern cities with names that come close to either of these (Biala seems unhelpful as it is such a common name for Polish localities).

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what locality these names may be referring to?
kaprys 3 | 2,501
16 Oct 2017 #2

There's a gmina Biała Podlaska in eastern Poland. In the link above check the list of villages. There are two villages called Sławacinek Stary and Sławacinek Nowy. It might be the name from the second link provided as it starts with 'Sł' not 'St'.

The first document is too blurred or perhaps it's just my mobile but perhaps Sitnik fits?
Other Białas are in western Poland so they were probably under the Prussian occupation.
These are just guesses.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
16 Oct 2017 #3

Siedlce is also in the area so perhaps it's the place from the first document.
'From Siedlce' in Polish would be 'z Siedlec' which might have been spelled like that by a non-native speaker of Polish.
16 Oct 2017 #4

That's the place I thought of when I read the name.

Siedlce is also in the area so perhaps it's the place from the first document.

Isn't Siedlce bigger than BP? I've driven though/past both of them a few times.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
16 Oct 2017 #5
Quite possibly. I have been there.
I like such riddles so I googled the surname from the document and there's a Malgorzata Mienko running a business (selling furniture) in Slawacinek Stary, gmina Biała Podlaska. She (or someone with the exactly same name) takes photos for the local news portal. I don't think it's a very popular surname (never heard it before) so you might be her relative.
kaprys 3 | 2,501
16 Oct 2017 #6
*I have never been there.
22 Jan 2019 #7

Paternal grandfather city of birth

I have a somewhat complicated question. I'm looking for my paternal grandfather's place of birth in Poland. I have 3 documents that have 3 different but similar looking locations. I can not find any of them. His marriage certificate from St. John's Cantius church in Chicago in 1913 states: Zabudowice Kr. Pol. (Kingdom of Poland) Dyec. Grodzisk Kr. Pol. His application for US Citizenship in 1918 states he was born in Zawodowic Poland Russia and the ship's manifest of his crossing in 1907 has it listed as Abodowna Russia. I was told that maybe it is not Zabudowice or Zawodowic but Zawidowice which I found in a gazetteer showing that Grozisko is the Diocese. But and maybe I'm making too much of this, I found it online in a book called the History of North Western Slavs, written in Polish a reference to Zabudowice the town listed on his marriage certificate. I have images of all of this. Can anyone with more experience tell me if I'm heading in the right direction? Do you think that it is Zawidowice? Any insights would be extremely helpful and appreciated!

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