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Want to find a person in Poland

26 Nov 2014  #361
Thank you Polonius3. Osicka is her real name. Or was her real Name, maybe she is married now. I wrote with her during Mail from and to her Mail-Adress from skanska.

Thank you very much


Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Sven again,

i don't want bother you. My Problem to find her ist not that there where no Digits in the Internet to find Justyna - my personal Problem is, 99,9% of that is in Polish language (normal :-) )) - i i dont speak polish well and cant read it :-(((

I wrote to many places, in english.. So i dont know why nobody is willing to send me an answer. It's about the english language? or is it about i'm German?

I don't know whats the point is... i can only say, a heart don't make differents in the language...

Thanks to you all.. have a nice weekend :-)

Sven (
JollyRomek 7 | 481
28 Nov 2014  #362
Hi Sven, have you ever thought about the fact that she may not want "to be found"?

I don't want to sound harsh, but i find it a tiny bit creepy that someone is posting personal details of another person on a public forum, in order to get in contact with her.
1 Dec 2014  #363
Hey Jolly, thanks for your answer....
For sure it is possible she may not to be found... but i can't know that, cos i was the guy who deosn't replyed to her that time. I was in Afghanistan that time and had many problems with myself after i was back.

You don't Jolly, to me it don't sounds harsh or like that.. but before you judge about something or me, the things i told here are only details who each of you can see if you ask Mr/Mrs Google.

Come on, i know many more about her. But the other things are private ;-) things i tryed to find her and like that. And some informations i have i do handle very sensibility with. I mean for example: if she is married now - i would not that she get any problems with her husband or like that. his is why i choose that way. if i would only think about me and what i want, i would buy an annonce in the biggest daily press (newspaper) in her hometown. so please Ladies and Gentlemen, don't think bad about me - i only follow my heart at this point..

Thanks sven
Looker - | 1,008
5 Jan 2015  #364
I see two person with name Barbara Niewiarowska in Poland, one from Warsaw, second Białystok. Check also different networking sites (of course FB and for Niewiarowska/Niewiarowski in Wrocław area - maybe you'll have luck and hit some family members..
Sonyas No 1
10 Jan 2015  #365
Can anyone help me find a young lady called Sonya I know she lives in Warsaw and she is a psychology student I am not sure which college she attends. Her 21st birthday was on 17/12/2014 and that was the last contact I had with her. I need to contact her to make sure that she is ok. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
cms 9 | 1,287
10 Jan 2015  #366
Quite a rare name in poland, in fact i have only really heard it in the entertainment industry - the Polish spelling is Sonia do thst might help you.

Try a facebook page of the pub where you met her - she might have liked or commented or attended an event.
Marsupial - | 907
11 Jan 2015  #367
Dont forget that some ppl are missing because they dont want to be found and have no interest in being 'found'.
13 Jan 2015  #368
I am looking for a cousin in Kamionka Poland name of Bogumil_Wiacek. He is looking for Kanar family of Julius in USA. In ancestry website I don't know if he has telephone or email address to contact him. Thank you.
Looker - | 1,008
13 Jan 2015  #369
I'm not sure if it's the same person, but one Bogumil Wiacek (Bogumił Wiącek - Polish spelling) is at Facebook, his town is stated as Lublin, not Kamionka, however Kamionka is placed in Lublin Voivodeship.
joyce - | 1
16 Jan 2015  #370
[Moved from]: Finding father in Poland? (Marcus Ludovicus Constance Gommers)

20 years ago our father left us, we never heared from him again. to me he is death , but my younger sister was only 1 year at the time. she realy wants to find him, even if it does not work out she needs closure. the only thing i know is that he lives in poland. perhaps someone can help me? i only know his name marcus ludovicus constance gommers, he could just use the name mark as well. i prmised my sister to do the best i can.
19 Jan 2015  #371
Abhijit Chatterjee she has accepted your life tyle . Why do you still want to controll her ? She is not in your life anymore like you arent in her life.

pcs1968 - | 1
26 Jan 2015  #372
[Moved from]: Searching for family members of Janek W Nurek 1903-1993

Janek W Nurek was a sergeant in the Polish army and lived in England from 1939 until his death in 1993 at the age of 89 years. He was married to a Polish woman, and she joined him in England in 1970 but later returned alone to Poland. He had at least one son called Marek.

His English friend has photos and other documents that she would like to give to members of Janek's family.

Can anyone help find any family members?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467
26 Jan 2015  #373
NUREK: diver or grebe (bird speiceis); possible topo nick for an inhabitant of Nur or Nurczyn.
27 Jan 2015  #374
Merged: I need to find a person from Poland (Kamila)

I've been looking for a girl from Poland, the only thing I know is that her name is Kamila. I have some photos if that helps:

Kamila Poland

Please, I would appreciate it A LOT.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
27 Jan 2015  #375
I would be interested in the legal implications "private" searches for particular people on the Internet can have in Poland. I know that in Germany it is against the law to search for someone by using name and photos (or any other revealing material) on social media sites or forums. In worst case scenario the person who runs the forum can be held responsible.

Can any of the mods or perhaps the person who runs the forum clarify on this?

I find it extremely weird that again and again people come on here searching for others and reveal (as happened in another thread) personal information and photos. Is it just me who finds that extremely creepy?
27 Jan 2015  #376
Ok Jolly, do you want to know WHY I want to know her name? Because I'm only a teenage who wants to talk with a nice girl who i met once at omegle and we talked for like over an hour and i want to talk her again. If you want my personal information prove it, i don't care.
Levi_BR 6 | 220
27 Jan 2015  #377
who i met once at omegle and we talked for like over an hour


On Omegle...

27 Jan 2015  #378
Here Levi, there is the original pic here with me. Anything else?,IFBe0nK
cms 9 | 1,287
27 Jan 2015  #379
It is not illegal in poland

Are you sure it is in germany - i used linkedin for lots of german business and there are plenty of german equivalents on the market.

Still there are enough poorly drafted or ill thought out data laws in europe that it would not surprise me
JollyRomek 7 | 481
27 Jan 2015  #380
Are you sure it is in germany

Yes, in Germany it is illegal to post a public appeal in the likes of "Searching this and this person. Any advise or hints would be appreciated". That's reserved for law enforcement only i.e. official searches by the police seeking the help of the public.

and we talked for like over an hour and i want to talk her again

As i said, quite creepy. If she would want to talk to you again, surely she would have left her email address, phone number or simply would have emailed / chatted with you again, no?
27 Jan 2015  #381
Jolly, I made a promise with her about taking a photo (I'm a photographer) of Poland which I'll name it after her, then we will meet again. And you have no idea how much I regret that promise.
bigapp 2 | 11
27 Jan 2015  #382
hope you can have good luck,maybe you can go some other form to have a try.
Good luck
10 Feb 2015  #383
JollyRomek, come down my friend :-)
In Germany it's a Little bit difficult. You have to seperate what Kind of Picture is it and from who is it.
For example: You have an Pic of an VIP - thoose are People in public life. The Pictures everybody can post and implicate like you want, cos thoose People didn't got the Right of there owen Pictures - This is a Decission of the highest Court called - Bundesverfassungsgericht.

Private People: now it's difficult. A Picture who was made public by there own, like Linkedin, Facebook or other socialmedia's - it's allowed to use thoose Pictures to search for them (for example) here. The Person on this Picture waived the right to this Picture, cos he/she made it public.

(This is why it's Facebook in Germany is allowed to catch the Pictures and save them)

Different is Now - and that is what you Jolly means:
A Private Picture, maybe sendet to you by sms, MMS, E-Mail or or or ....... Or a Picture as an Avatar at Whatsapp. Or Pictures at you PC or Laptop or Mobile. Thoose Pictures are private. Peoples has the rights to there owen Pictures (face, Body and like that) - not inculded are THINGS.

So it's not allowed to make a Picture from another Person and take this Picture puplic - without the OK from the Person on the Picture

I didn't see here any Violations of rights under German law.

and for last i have to excuse my bad english ;-)
pigsy 7 | 305
10 Feb 2015  #384
Yes, in Germany it is illegal to post a public appeal in the likes of "Searching this and this person.

If he posts that based in states he might be doing it legally.
Looker - | 1,008
4 Apr 2015  #385
You may try to contact and ask other people with this name who are connected to Debica, and ask, maybe someone know this man. It won't be easy job, because the Oleksy surname is quite popular in Poland, and currently more than 50 people lives in Debica and holds this name.

But if something check and facebook.
8 Apr 2015  #386
I am looking for Marecki Jan, syn Boleslawa, ur. we Wroclawiu, wiek ok. 66-68 lat. Mozliwe ze jest w Warszawie .To jest brat mojej kolezanki szkolnej. Prosze sie odezwac.Dorothea.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467
9 Apr 2015  #387
MARECKI: probably originated as a patronymic nick meaning "son of Marek" (Eng. Marcusson). Other patronymically derived surnames traceable to Marek would include Marczak, Markowski and Markowicz.
19 Apr 2015  #388
Hello there, Its Apu from Bangladesh. Last year in September, I was in Tibet on a tour and in my group there were 2 beautiful Polish people (a mother and her son). I do have their photographs but have lost their contact info. The name of the son is Pavel and he studies engineering. I don't know is it possible for you guys to help me! (I am feeling like a stupid :(
1 Jun 2015  #389
Merged: Looking for Jakub Jerzy from Poland

Hi! I looking for one nice guy. His name is Jakub Jerzy and he is from Poland but i don't know from which city . I see his personal card and remember that he is born at 15 november 1992. I met him in Schkeuditz, Leipzig in Germany on one Erasmus project before 1 month. He told me that his name on Facebook is Jerzy Jerzy but I can't find him. He is 175cm tall, skinny, have brown, almost black hair to the neck and glasses. I really want find that guy . If somebody know him pls pls pls put here link of his fb profile or something like that :)

And sorry for my bad English. :D
5 Jun 2015  #390
Good day. I am trying to locate Father Pawel Michalowski born 24/03/1972. He works in South Africa and has been visiting Poland from the 27th May 2015. He was to travel to New York 2 days ago but we can not reach him.

We believe he lives in Krzepice or Czestochowa.
He has a sister called Ewa (not sure of her married surname) and 2 brothers. Both his brothers have passed away. 1 in 1994 and the other in 1997.

We are desperate to find him please or a contact number for him or his family.
Your urgent assistance is appreciated.
Sandy M

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