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Want to find a person in Poland

7 Jul 2013  #331
Thank you, I tried but didn t find him.
It seems he doesn t have a Facebook account:(
Any other ideas?
mochadot18 13 | 238    
8 Jul 2013  #332
I am looking for Ursza Genowefa Kaczmarczyk. Last know pleace of residence was Krakow, anyway I'm sure no one has/does know her but what the hell why not at least ask if you need moe info ask!!!!
MartinN - | 2    
25 Jul 2013  #333
Mayby I can help / but no guarantee

send me some more details pls

I can see what is in my reach
mochadot18 13 | 238    
28 Jul 2013  #334
Well some more info is. She was born in 1955. Maiden name is nowaczyk. Place of birth is ostrowiec swietokrzyski. I have her identity card number also.

She was born in 1955.
Maiden name is nowaczyk.
Place of birth is ostrowiec swietokrzyski.
I have her identity card number also.
31 Jul 2013  #335
Merged:Waclaw Oleksy - help with finding in Poland

Im looking for a gentleman by the name of Wac£aw Oleksy, his address is u£: Robotnicza 10/10, 39-200 DĘBICA woj TARNÓW.

Im not sure if he is still alive.
This man was trying to help my mother find her relatives in Poland.
We don't know any Polish and have no Polish friends who know the language well enough to help.
Any help here would be appreciated.

Please contact me at bmfmass@hotmail if you can help.
Thank you
21 Sep 2013  #336
I am trying to locate on a map of Rzeszow Poland an address on an old letter mailed from a relative back in 1984. The return address looks likes 36-060 Budy Wogowskie 330 Woj Rzeszow Polska. Is there a better English translation of it.
Paulina 9 | 1,453    
21 Sep 2013  #337
It's Budy Głogowskie - it's a village around Rzeszów:

Is there a better English translation of it.

"Woj Rzeszow" is most probably an abbreviation of "województwo rzeszowskie" which means "Rzeszów Voivodeship".
Rzeszów Voivodeship doesn't exist anymore, it was superseded by Podkarpackie Voivodeship in 1998:

36-060 is a postal code of Budy Głogowskie and some other villages and towns in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, in Rzeszów powiat (powiat is an equivalent to a county, district or prefecture in other countries).
23 Sep 2013  #338
ewa mac queen
5 Oct 2013  #339
looking for anyone with the last name Nystoriak in the Galicia region
Dafne Ingram - | 1    
22 Nov 2013  #340
Hi, I decided to coment here because I have a similar situation, I have been looking for a friend for more than 10 years, I haven't seen that person for 21 years, I hope you find the person you are looking for, and if you want to talk anytime just tell me, my bes wishes, and take care
Astoria - | 155    
23 Nov 2013  #341
If you know which school he went to, you can try to find him on ("Classmates"):
pmansfield - | 1    
1 Dec 2013  #342
[Moved from]: Can you help me find Paulina Różnowicz from Warsaw?

Hello dear community! I kindly ask you to help me find someone in Poland. I need to know if you could help me find her adress and/or phone number. Her name is Paulina Różnowicz and she's 20 years old and lives in Warsaw. We had rigurous contact but then all of a sudden it stopped, so I'd really appreciate if you could help me out :)
25 Jan 2014  #343
Hi. I am ffrom Serbia. Looking for old friends.. RAFAL Ksiztof ( i dont know how to spell :/ ) and BEATA ( use to be Kzistof.. maybe she is married now.. )> They have mother Janina and she got a sister Teresa.. They use to live in Legnica.. Beata and Rafal are 35-40 years old.. Mother Janina use to work in USA in 1990-.. Can anybody help me.. I Tried many years to find them..
nyphri22 3 | 3    
12 Feb 2014  #344
[Moved from]: Looking for other siblings adopted from Poland, Pawel and Mateusz Obiedzinski

And the search continues

Looking for two brothers adopted from Poland. They were possibly adopted from Dom Dziecka, Zamość.I have found their
names before adoption. Paweł Obiedziński. Born May, 1993. Mateusz Obiedziński. Born June 1st, 1995. Biological mother
Urszula Elżbieta Obiedzińska. I have already found my other four siblings but am now continuing my search.
1 Mar 2014  #345
hey i made some friends from poland but i do not know their names. I am just having their photographs with me. is there any way i can find them & contact them so that i can send them our photos. They will certainly recognize me & will be glad to contact me.

Please suggest me any way to find them.....
Arts - | 22  Moderator  
21 Mar 2014  #346
According to your describe, she may be the person you're looking for:óżnowicz/informacje+osobie
23 Mar 2014  #347
I'm looking for my high school love from Poland -Warsaw .his name is leszek przesmycki and he lives wola Warsaw .he is about 40 years old now and he used to be a lifeguard ...please let me know how to go about finding him...
K_Marciniak - | 10    
24 Mar 2014  #348

Could that be him?

27 Apr 2014  #349
I am looking for a pen pal I use to write to named zibignew pacan, I haven't heard from him in years and would like to get in touch with him again could you help me?
farzana - | 1    
19 May 2014  #350
hello i am looking for an old friend of mine who recantly move to poland from denmark he is pakistani and his name is sajjad i dont know wiech city so please help me to find him i lost hime for so long infact i know he is also looking for me but we couldnt find eachother i have just heard about him that he moved to poland and thats all wat i know about him at the moment hope some one can give me any clue......thank you
12 Jun 2014  #351
I would like to have the name of the person you worked with in Poland. I am stuck with a great-grandfather's name, date of birth and town name. I read no Polish and am willing to spend the money on a reputable researcher.
13 Jun 2014  #352
I am trying to help my 93yr old Polish mother find out if her friend from the Polish Army 1942 is still alive. My mothers friend left a photo and a request on the Weisenthal Web Site asking to contact my mother some years ago. I have only just found the request so it is possible that my mothers friend has now passed away.

My mothers name is: Bluma Zylberberg
My mothers friends name: Janina Juralewicz, Biskupiec

These details can be confirmed by searching Googke by either name.
13 Jun 2014  #353
the Polish Army 1942

Which Polish army: the one which ended up in the west or the one which ended up in Poland?
milawi - | 60    
13 Jun 2014  #354
I'm afraid Mrs Juralewicz passed away in 1998. Check out this article, it's about Piotr Juralewicz, his wife Janina is mentioned there.

Peter Juralewicz - Hero from Marcinkaniec near Grodno "Veteran of combats for Freedom and Independence of the Fatherland"

Mr. Juralewicz in 1939 defended the double track railway in his home town Marcinkance, against the Nazi onslaught. His older brother Victor fought in the September Campaign as a soldier in the Polish Army.

Mr. Juralewicz recalls with great emotion as he met Janina Krzemińska in Siberia - girl from Warsaw (b. 13/05/1921 d. 1998 r. In Biskupiec) - his beloved. She was the daughter of officer of the State Police - Franciszek Krzeminski.

The wife of Mr Peter completed the Sanitary course of Polish Red Cross in Iran in 1942 and worked in the Polish hospital in Tehran, where Polish children rescued survivors from Siberia. Mr. Peter prides itself with wife combat merits in the Service of the Military Women, the service in the Royal Air Force of Great Britain (Royal Air Force). Mrs. Juralewicz owned badges English and Polish, was awarded for exemplary, punitive, strict sanitary handling of RAF combat missions

Miss and mister Juralewicz were married in Edinburgh in 1944. In 1947 they returned to country, to the family.
27 Aug 2014  #355
[Moved from]: Looking for my friend Lydia Gaweshkwa from Wisla

I'm looking for a friend of mine from Poland her name is Lydia gaweshkwa . Please help me to find her. She is from wis£Ą
Wulkan - | 3,255    
27 Aug 2014  #356
Lydia gaweshkwa

This is not a Polish name


and there is no such a place in Poland... I'm sorry :-/
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467    
27 Aug 2014  #357
Perhaps it was GA£ECZKA? The spelling you gave looks as though he heard the name pronounced but never saw it in print, hence an attempt at a crude phonetic rendering. In Polish Lydia is spelt Lidia.

There is a town called Wisła in the south of Poland; that's where ski-jumping star-turned-rally driver Adam Małysz is from.
Looker - | 1,007    
18 Oct 2014  #358
Have you checked this Dom Dziecka? I see there are two such institutions in the city, and next two in close area.
I've looked at most popular social networking sites and found just one person with Obiedziński name who lives in old Zamość voivodeship area.
20 Nov 2014  #359
Hi there, i hope you can help me. My Name is Sven an i search for Justynka Osicka.
She was working for a company named Skanska. But now her Mail Adress failed.

She was living in Warschau. I don't know if she's married now or whats happend.
So if you want to know like she looks, here's a link

It would be soooo coool if you people could help me... If she's married or so, ok - i dont want to bother her.

I only need a sign of her - a short massage to know that and to know she's ok - there is no day i didn't think about her..

i thank you so much -- thank you Sven

ups.. i forgot - my Mail-Adress LOL Sorry.. write please to
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,467    
21 Nov 2014  #360
OSICKI; root-word osika (aspen, tree species); this nickname-turned-surname probably originated as a topo nick from such localities as Osice or Osiczyzna.

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