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Why are some Polish people dark complected, and others very light

idem - | 132
5 Nov 2017 #481
countries only exist for a while, then change shape or name or disappear. wherever the border is redrawn becomes the new nationality ...

What does it mean for a while?.... 1 hundred....2 hundred years. I think in each country there is some kind of mode- people with certain feature.....north Europe....south Europe....South America....

Anthropologist, historian have studied these subjects for years so I wouldn't treat this subject in such a superficial matter.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
5 Nov 2017 #482
I think in each country there is some kind of mode

ye but it just sounds really really dull for Americans to be going' oh i have dark blonde hair and i tan easily, am i really Polish', tbh. Beyond dull. I use the term 'dull' in the sense of 'stupid'.
johnny reb 31 | 6,373
5 Nov 2017 #483
am i really Polish',

My parents are both Polish.
My sister has very natural blond hair and blue eyes and light skinned, my brother has brown hair and green eyes and light skinned, and I have black hair and brown eyes with very dark skin.

Us siblings always wrote it off as milkman, mailman and her husband. :-)
idem - | 132
5 Nov 2017 #484
Us siblings always wrote it off as milkman, mailman and her husband. :-)


I remember from school times ( ages ago) that about 80% children had blue or green eyes....I was odd one with brown ones. So as per saying 'exception confirms the rule'.....I would say I has been like this in Poland for a while.
Lyzko 32 | 7,933
5 Nov 2017 #485
Again, there are Kaszubian and Asiatic influences on Poland, in addition to Baltic, Germanic, and of course, Slavic:-)
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,833
6 Nov 2017 #486
Mari people

Interesting... just opened the article... never heard of the Mari before
15 Dec 2017 #487
There are Poles who have darker skin, dark eyes and dark hair and are 100% Poles, so what? There are dark Swedes, Germans, Dutch, Russians, Romanians, Hungarians etc. Here it also depends on what you count as dark skin/eyes/hair. I consider dark skin the ones from type 3-5, dark eyes-brown and "black"(very dark brown); hazel and amber eyes are light for me and dark hair- black or dark brown hair. A lot of Poles have any of those. It's true that they some have an unknown Jewish/Tatar/Gypsy ancestry. I've seen some in the comments who blamed the Swedes, Finno-Ugric nations, Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians or Turks for the dark features of Poles which is a very pathetic thing. Turks couldn't mix with Turks and all the others are known for their lightness. I've noticed that many people from this forum want to show that Poles are Aryans, forgetting that hair differences are inexistent between countries and just the regions of each have them.
Lyzko 32 | 7,933
16 Dec 2017 #488
As noted before, Poles often do have a strong Germanic influence in their gene pool.
gumishu 11 | 5,857
16 Dec 2017 #489
Many Germans have strong Slavic influence in their gene pool - ever heard of Vends Lyzko - some areas in Germany west of Oder still had Slavic speaking minorities after the second world war (Upper and Lower Sorbian - Lower Sorbian is by now only understood by a couple thousands of elderly citizens in the area of Cottbus but Upper Sorbian is in a better shape)
Wulkan - | 3,243
16 Dec 2017 #490
I've noticed that many people from this forum want to show that Poles are Aryans

Show me one.
Lyzko 32 | 7,933
16 Dec 2017 #491

Wends and Sorbs are actually almost "aboriginal" inhabitants of much of Eastern Germany, witness the plethora of Slavic-sounding place names, "Berlin", "Neu Ruppin", "Schloss Stechlin", "Glienicke Bruecke" etc.....
21 Jan 2019 #492
I have dirty blonde hair hazel eyes and a light olive skin. My grandmother was from Poland. She had olive skin and light brown hair. People used to be so envious of my ability to tan from the sun. I rarely burned when I was younger. I would get the most beautiful colored tan in the summer time. So much so. People used to walk up to me and ask me what kind of suntan oil I used. You cannot duplicate the Polish tan. Several families in my area of New England , have that color of skin. It isn't dark like an Italian. It is lighter. When we can. We look really dark. There's almost a red undertone to the skin. Like someone said earlier. A lot of people who are Polish. They come from Slavic and Hungarian dissent. I know my grandmother was born in Austria. Yet, she was 100% Polish. My grandfather had darker skin as well. Everyone stereotypes Polish as having a pale skin. That is not true. My grandmother would have sailed to the states back in 1900-1910 perhaps. My daughter also inherited my skin tone.

My husband's mother is full Italian. She has lighter skin than I do. There are also a lot of Italians who have light skin. There are some Italians who have very dark skin. Did you know there were a lot of Spaniards in Italy at one time. That is why some Italians are darker than others.

Austrian, gypsies even had mixed with Polish Wayback when.

I honestly think the person who asked the question. I don't think they ask that accurately. I think they meant darker skin than other polls. Like I said previously. I can very easily. I know many Polish people in my area who can very easily. We all have that same Slavic feature if you look it up online. Then there were Chan the smaller face same type of eyebrow wine. I have hazel eyes dirty blonde hair and Tan so easily.. My grandmother was from Poland. My mother had the olive skin my grandmother had the olive skin and my grandfather had the olive skin. We are not real dark. We just don't have a pale skin tone. Some people think you can't be blonde and have darker skin. I have been question several times. In the summer I could pass for Puerto Rican.. I have a friend who says I get 10 just from walking to the mailbox. LOL Several of the Polish people that came over on the bow and reside in western Massachusetts. A lot of them have the darker skin tone. I do know that my grandmother lived on the border of Germany. I do also know she was born in Austria. So, was there Austrian in her? I have no idea. I do you know the darker skin tone has been passed down to my generation my mothers generation and now my daughter. We do not look like Italians. We do not look Puerto Rican. We are somewhere in between. We have a light olive tone. rather than a darker olive tone. like Italians have. If anything else. I would say, I look like I have a light suntan in the winter time. That is my true skin tone. I do have to say many people are very envious of my skin color. I definitely have a Polish nose and the way my eyes are so that are Polish. I have a pug nose. I have more of a rounder face and a narrow chin like a lot of Slavic's. So, maybe I am Slavic Like a lot of Polish people are.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,365
21 Jan 2019 #493
If you are really that olive skinned you must have more than just Polish in you.
I have several members of my family that tan easily and I myself do,though I have to be very careful as I burn easily too.

But come winter,we are all pale skinned.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,833
22 Jan 2019 #494
Might be that old cossack or mongol blood... my father is pretty dark skinned for a pole too kind of olive like the way blondie describes. Most poles are a pale creamy white, the most beautiful skin of all
22 Feb 2020 #495
I like Turks.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
22 Feb 2020 #496
my father is pretty dark skinned for a pole

kind of like a gypsy then?
Lyzko 32 | 7,933
22 Feb 2020 #497
Normally, I can as a rule distinguish random Poles from Russians or certain other Slavs on the street by their facial bone structure, not necessarily by their hair, eye color or even skin tone.

Often I'm right, though one doesn't usually go about staring at total strangers, does one:-)
mafketis 29 | 10,345
22 Feb 2020 #498
kind of like a gypsy then?

If not then maybe a tramp or a thief? (with apologies to Cher....)

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