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Do Polish people have big noses?

Rafal - | 25
1 Mar 2007 #91
15 years ago a friend of mine studied in Pekin. He said that had have the biggest nose in the city (everyone there was telling it him)
9 Mar 2007 #92
no, i donot think polish people has big nouse
12 Mar 2007 #93
wow ,after your comment , about polish people being the most attractive race in the world ,when english girls asks me if i am polish i should be really flattered as they say i look polish ,which by the way i am half polish ,but born in england
15 Mar 2007 #94
OBVIOUSLY, not all Polish people have big noses.. that's an ignorant question and stereotype. Not everyone in the US is the same so why would EVERYONE who is Polish possess a large nose? Granted, I kind of know what the topic writer feels like. I am Polish and live in the US and am extremely self conscious about my nose. I've had a similar situation happen to me at a party when someone asked me what my ethnic background was and when I told them they said "ahh yes, you have a polish nose!"

I was kind of embarressed because it is something I'm sensitive about but it's nothing I can do anything about. OH WELL!
Eurola 4 | 1,907
15 Mar 2007 #95
Micha, I'm from a "big nose" family too, but I would never consider plastic surgery.
I LIKE my big snout. :) It gives a character to the face. Some of my nephews and nieces "inherited" it as well.
Anyway, I always thought that big noses and big ears were a part of being jewish (I'm not), so it's not really true. Most polish people have lovely, shapely noses.
away guy 10 | 343
16 Mar 2007 #96
Yes , most Poles do have big noses, i must agree.
dannyboy 18 | 248
16 Mar 2007 #97
Probably confusing Polish with Jewish due to WW2.

If your looking for a typical Polish/German trait (Central European), it would be prominent cheekbones/jawlines.

There is a certain look, but I cannot describe it in words. Usually quite pretty, lean faces
19 Mar 2007 #98
Hey, I'm Polish, (100%, straight off the boat)although some would disagree that I have a large nose, I have always been very self conscious about it. I wouldn't say that I have a huge nose, but it isn't the smallest either. I used to think that my rather large nose came from my dad (now, his nose is really big) but as I go to Poland and look at all the people there, I will have to say that it is one of our traits. If you go anywhere in Krakow, Warsaw etc. and just quickly scan the faces of polish people, you will see that they all have very significant nose, again, not huge, but one that is very noticeable and on the larger side. Once I realized that, I stopped caring about my nose and now I'm proud that I resemble the people that I associate myself with.
Varsovian 92 | 634
20 Mar 2007 #99
MtDNA haplotype EU18 places you Poles in kinship with all sorts of non-Europeans, including Georgians, Syrians and Udmurts (central Russia). You're also distantly related to Native American populations (they mixed with ancestors of Poles 30,000 years and headed east as fast as they could, perhaps Grandpappy Lech was on their tail!!).

Racial purity ain't nothing but a sick joke, my friend.
20 Mar 2007 #100
Stop spreading nonsense.

EU18 is NOT an mtDNA haplogroup, and it is not even that common in Poland.

And Poles have no genetic links to Georgians, Syrians or Udmurts.

You're a moron.
26 Mar 2007 #101
i definitly agree with so many responses.. and i'm a proud 100% pole. i always thought i had a big nose. i thought it was cuz i got hit in the nose once, and thought that it made it grow crooked. whatever. i like it. no one ever told me i had a huge nose (that stuff usually spills out during verbal fights, but it never came). i haven't had a problem with chics.. so i guess it isn't a problem. my mind keeps trying to convince me that i have a big nose, trying to ruin my self esteem. bring it. i've even thought about getting surgery (but i'm 18, so that would be later on in life), but then my face wouldn't be me anymore. i feel like that would be such a loser move. and then all the marks, and if it screwed up. i like the way i like, and others do to. so let's all promise to forget about it and remember our polish heritage instead. you guys have really helped me forget break through that barrier. polish love is about as strong as the camaraderie of "Polska Walczaca."
12 Apr 2007 #102
My girlfriend is polish and her nose is huge. She is very beautiful apart from this one detrimental asset she possesses. I might have to get rid of her soon
14 Apr 2007 #103
Most Caucasian People have Big Noses,and their is nothing wrong with that :-)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
14 Apr 2007 #104
Rubbish !!! Poo!! poppycok!
TheDude - | 50
14 Apr 2007 #105
Oi. purely rubbish. All nationalities have people with large noses, man. TheDude thinks this topic is rubbish.
daffy 23 | 1,508
14 Apr 2007 #106
Most Caucasian People have Big Noses,and their is nothing wrong with that :-)

in the UK and IRE the Caucasian nose is rather 'petite' in nose terms on the whole.

generally true of the caucasian complexion in my experience

its down to genes in the end and noses of all sizes will exist :)

lets not forget the proverbial noses , nosey and stuck up noses, etc :)
14 Apr 2007 #107
What I meant by Big Noses,is to have a High Bridge Nose or Pointy Nose,which is quite common among Caucasians,even here in the U.S.

The High Bridge Nose and Thin Lips is one of the major features of most Caucasian People.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
14 Apr 2007 #108
Well, my mum jewish/English/Irish and she is dark skinned, thick dark hair and big nose, my father is of English & Irish extact and he is pale skinned with light blue / grey eyes blond hair with a small nose, I have green eys and a very small nose, my brother (1) has hazel eyes and a normal nose and brother (2) has a largish nose with blue eyes...we get what we are given! my point being we are all a mix and you can not pin point these days
daffy 23 | 1,508
14 Apr 2007 #109
my point being we are all a mix and you can not pin point these days

and well pointed too, its just another one of those issues that cannot be attached to an entire segment of society caliguy30
Christy 2 | 12
14 Apr 2007 #110
All nationalities have people with large noses, man. TheDude thinks this topic is rubbish.

I TOTALLY agree with you.
20 Sep 2007 #111
exactly, boys can be so mean sometimes, i think people just judge others way too quickly.i mean come on, a nose is a nose, and if people can't get past appearances then i aint got a clue where they think their gonna get in life. seriously there are better things to worry about in life than the size or shape of your nose, i mean seriously!
20 Sep 2007 #112
actually just wanna reply to what you said there. guess your righ to an extent, but how can you actually say that smaller noses are feminine, thats just what society thinks, everybody will have a different nose depending on their genes and where their from in the world so technically that aint right
20 Sep 2007 #113
This is yet another post attempting to mock Poles. He/She is implying that we all look like peasants with large noses and red faces. All the posts asking about Polish girls implying that all Polish women are prostitutes/easy and would go to bed with any foreigner. When will those western ignorants learn good manners and stop harrasing us with this kind of nonsense?
osiol 55 | 3,922
20 Sep 2007 #114
What's creepier?
A naturally big hooter - the sort just made for detecting the different notes of fine wines and cheeses,
or a strangely, sinisterly small snifffer that looks like it couldn't spot a gas-leak?

My nose is medium-sized and therefore detects the aromas of quality cheeses, yet is also slightly sinister.

I've just realised how different a story my avatar tells!
Pass the wine!
plk123 8 | 4,148
20 Sep 2007 #115
checking in with my "" slope. lol
21 Sep 2007 #116
Big nose is sexy :)
21 Sep 2007 #117
Thanks Misiek, i always aim to please! :D
plk123 8 | 4,148
21 Sep 2007 #118
Big nose is sexy :)

sorry, not into dudes. lol
22 Sep 2007 #119
well, you know what they say about men with big noses hehe :)
osiol 55 | 3,922
22 Sep 2007 #120
big nose - big handkerchief

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