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Looking for Otlowski, Otlowska

12 Jun 2018  #1
Hello, can anyone help me? I was looking in old documents and found some letter envelopes of my grandma addressed to Otlowski. I can't read the first name, nor the address as it got wet and the ink leaked. Only the family name is barely readable. I am looking for information on what looks like Otlowski or Otlowska family name (It's Otlowsk with smudged last letter).

I was able to track a girl named Otlowska on Fb but there are many others with the same family name. Is it common and part of the country does it come from? What does it mean and is it Otlowski or Otłowski? Thanks in advance!
Maria MCR - | 7    
16 Jun 2018  #2
Hello, could you attach the scan/photo of this envelope?



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