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Michal Kreczak born in Kropiwinica - looking for survivor of Polish Air Force

23 Jan 2007 #1
Thankyou for taking the time to read this. I am new to the site and it looks very interesting.
My father Michel Kreczak, was born in Kropiwinica, east of Bialystok, but now lives in England. He was part of one of the families that were taken to Siberia to work in the mines in the 1930's.

Does anyone know where or who I could write to see if my father's birth record still exits.
Does the village still exist. I know that Kropiwinica does not exist on current day maps. Was it's name changed.


Hi There - My father's two brothers served in the Polish Air Force during WW11. Does anyone know where I could write to find out if they survived the war, or if they died in action.

I don't have the Christian names only surname, place of birth and parents names and approximate year of birth.

Kowalski 7 | 621
23 Jan 2007 #2
You may try government organization dealing with veterans affairs.

Their website in polish:
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
23 Jan 2007 #3

Do you speak Polish ?

If not, please say so and one of us will help you search the relevant genealogy site.
globetrotter 3 | 106
23 Jan 2007 #4
Jelly - Did they serve in only the Polish air force or did they come to fly with the RAF in England. My father was a pilot in the RAF in WWII and I know a few sources of record over here including his diaries (he flew with some Polish pilots).
OP jellybaby
23 Jan 2007 #5
Thankyou for replying

Wroclaw - sorry I only speak English

Globetrotter - I don't know anything about my father's brothers. My father only remembers that he had 2 older brothers who were in the air force and they didn't want to be farmers like their father.

Going to bed now as I am up early for work tomorrow. I get carried away with the time, and have spent many an hour on the net when I should have been asleep.

Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
23 Jan 2007 #6

We need a name. Then one of us will be able to search any Polish language sites for you. If you prefer we can tell you how to use the search facility on Polish sites.

I think you should go along with 'globetrotter'. If only to eliminate your family members who might have served in the RAF. And of course most sites will be in English.

Were these people pilots or ground crew ? Did they serve in the same squadron ?
Have you looked for a list of Polish war memorials ?

I'll post one or two Polish/English [airforce] sites tomorrow. But check the other threads because I know that there are already some mentioned.
OP jellybaby
24 Jan 2007 #7
Hi Wroclaw

The only information I have is my father is Michal/Michel Kreczak. His parents were
Jozef and Michelina. Brothers were born before 1927, born in Kropiwinica.

Is this any help.

Off to work now.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
24 Jan 2007 #8
My father's two brothers served in the Polish Air Force during WW11.

Were they pilots ?
globetrotter 3 | 106
26 Jan 2007 #9
The only information I have is my father is Michal/Michel Kreczak


I have been through the records that I have access to and cannot find any reference to this surname. The official RAF records of personnel serving in WWII can only be accessed by a relative of the person or persons being searched for. There is a charge of £30 for the search. Initially you need to write (not e-mail) the following address:

PMA (Sec) 1b (RAF)
Room 5 Building 248a
RAF Personnel Management Agency
RAF Innsworth
Gloucester GL3 1EZ
United Kingdom.

Before you do this you might like to register at the following site:

This is a veterans bulletin board where you may be lucky enough to find someone who recognises the surname. It relies upon ex RAF staff recognising the name.

Sorry I cannot do any more without being a relative.

Best of luck
OP jellybaby
27 Jan 2007 #10
Thank-you Globetrotter,
Wll give this a try.
4 Feb 2007 #11
I just happened on this site accidentally and surprised to see info on Polish pilots. My father-in-law was an air bomber in the Polish section of the RAF. He was in the#301Squadron Operational tour 1945...wondering if your father knew my father-in-law Globetrotter?
kszacki - | 3
23 Feb 2008 #12
There is a vilage with that name around Bialystok.
Look for Kropiwnica village about 8km east from Monki city.
"Monki" are 40km north of Bialystok.

Look for the birth records in Kropiwnica or Monki (church registers or national archives).
DanielP1973 - | 1
4 Oct 2017 #13
Kropiwnica village belonged and still belongs to Kalinowka Koscielna parish. Metrical books are in pariah archives and in Archdiocesan Archive in Bialystok. Do you know the year, your father was born?

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