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Legnica looking for family

14 Dec 2016  #1

Hello. I'm looking for a family (lost contact with them 25 years ago). I know that they lived in Legnica (I was there in 1990). I'm not sure how to write but I believe that the name Rafal is correctly written, or at least similar - approximately should now be about 40 years old. I know he had a sister (Beata? - I'm not sure how to spell), Krzysztof (not sure how to spell) father, mother - Janina (not sure how to spell). If I remember correctly he had an aunt Teresa (blond hair) , which in turn had a husband (bold guy) and at least one child. I think the Terezin husband used to work in the army. When I stayed with them in 1990. , they lived in a house (I do not know whether it was in their possession), in addition to small river, it seems to me at a periphery of Legnica. I remember they bought a flat (or aunt bought one) and it was in a block of buildings. Sometime in the mid 90s Janina went to Canada for temporary work, I dont know whether others went to her and I do not deprive returned. These droughts are data that are familiar. I would like to make contact with them and do not know who to turn for help.

Forgot this - I am from Serbia, and all of them use to visit my family here in Serbia. Last time at begining of 1990s

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