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Kesikowski: Surname origin, Polish Kingdom-Podlasie region 1600-1700

Kesik 2 | 7
28 Oct 2010 #1
I have been trying to find out the origin of my last name, "Kesikowski" and found out that back in the 1600 and 1700 when Poland used to be a kingdom the was a town/or place in the Podlasie region of Poland. On this

I found this information about my surname Kesik, and it wasn't clear on what town it came from only that it came from this region. Is there a website in Poland or any website that I can find out about the old regions of poland and where surnames originated???
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
28 Oct 2010 #2
There is a town called Kęsowo, but it is in the Kujawy region not in Podlasie.
OP Kesik 2 | 7
11 Feb 2011 #3
Merged thread:
Kesikowski family roots

Szukam żadnych żyjących krewnych ur. Kesikowski zarówno z £odzi, Gdańsku i Kaliszu. Mój dziadek był Ladislau Kesikowski urodził się około 1880 roku wyemigrował do Brazylii, e około 1900, ożenił się z Clara Smolka Sobania. Jego siostry Maria i Julia, a nie bracia Jan i Adam, ale nie wiem, gdzie się urodzili. Mój wuj Venceslaw Kesikowski (syn Jana) urodził się w Kaliszu.

Mam informacje na temat Mieczysław Kesikowski, pochodził z £odzi do obozu koncentracyjnego w Buschenwald. Został aresztowany w 1943 r. jego żona Helena i miał dziecko. Mój dziadek został nazwany matka Julia Rychter Kesikowska. Dziękuję za pomoc.

I am looking for any living relatives born Kesikowski from either Lodz, Gdansk or Kalisz.My grandfather was Ladislau Kesikowski born around 1880's and immigrated to Brazil around 1900's, he married Clara Smolka Sobania. His sisters are Maria and Julia and had brothers Jan and Adam, but I do not know where they were born. My great uncle Venceslaw Kesikowski (son of Jan) was born in Kalisz. I do have information on Mieczyslaw Kesikowski, he came from Lodz was in a concentration camp in Buschenwald. He got arrested in 1943 his wife is Helena and they had a child. My grandfather's mother married name is Julia Rychter Kesikowska.Thank you for all your help.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
11 Feb 2011 #4
KĘSIKOWSKI: Other than Kęsowo (mentioned earlier), other possible toponymic sources migth include Kęsza, Kęszyn and Kęszyce (the ś~sz alternation occurred in many regional dialects). But maybe we should reach beyond today’s boundaries. If we consider the ę~u alternation common in Polish/Ruthenian borderland areas, Kusiewszczyzna (now in Belarus) might be considered, if one assumes that a native Polish speaker may have polonised it into Kęsiewszczyzna. A stab in the dark to be sure, but for want of a better explanation…. Although -owski endings are toponymic more than 90% of the time, other sources cannot be summarily ruled out. Let’s imagine someone who, when offered a treat, was wont to say: „No dobrze, ale tylko kęsik” (just a bit). If that became his hallmark, he may have eventually got nicknamed Kęsik and his son would have been dubbed Kęsikiewicz, Kęsikowicz or Kęsikowski by fellow-villagers.
OP Kesik 2 | 7
18 Apr 2011 #5
Merged thread:
Polish Surname spelling

I have been researching my family name:Kęsikowski and have found a website called and their documents are a match to a distant relative called Marcin Kęsikowski (b.1806)who married Josefa Styler(b.1811), they had a daughter called Joanna Florentyna Kęsikowski (b.1831)who married a member of this family. The LDS- family history library is where I got this information, but the barbarafamily site has the marriage document stating her father's name as Marcina Kęsikowskiego? Both parents I think? were not living at time of her marriage.My question is the surname "Kęsikowskiego" is that the original name from which my surname originated? or is that an extended version of "Kęsikowski "in polish? Can anyone please help and explain this? Should I be looking from "Kęsikowskiego" or the shorter version for my family roots? Thank you for your time.
Polonius3 994 | 12,367
18 Apr 2011 #6
Polish is an inflected language, so Kęsikowskiego is the genitive and accusative case of Kęsikowski.
It can indicate a possessive - dom Kęsikowskiego = Kęsikowski's house
or a direct object: Widzę Kęsikowskiego = I see Kęsikowski.
The base (nominative) form, used as the subject of a sentence and in listings, remains Kęsikowski as in Kęsikowski już tu nie mieszka = Kęsikowski no longer lives here and in a roster:

Stanisław Nowak
Jan Kęsikowski
Idzi £ęcki
Józef Kogut....itd., itp.
Leopejo 4 | 120
18 Apr 2011 #7
So the father's full name was Marcin Kęsikowski.
OP Kesik 2 | 7
19 Apr 2011 #8
Jan Kęsikowski

I see a quote in the name of Jan Kęsikowski is he a relative of mine or a relative of Marcin Kęsikowski? Thank you for clearifing my surname Kęsikowski, I hope this will lead to discovering any relatives pertaining to the Kęsikowski Family research.

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