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Jurczyk surname

Shashi73 1 | -
16 May 2012 #1
Jurczyk was my great grand mothers name. My great Aunt told me this name & then got frustrated when I further inquired. I have found out over the years my great grandmother had children and a family in Poland, she left them and started a new family with my great grandfather (Moski, also from Poland) here in the United States. Any help would be much appreciated =)
22 Mar 2013 #2
My father father's was named Ludwig Jurczyk. I recently obtained records from Holocaust Survivors Museum. Would like to converse with others with the name Jurczyk in their family. Ludwig was born in Krosno, Poland in 1911.
2 Apr 2013 #3
Marya, and Anna Jurczyk are the names I know..
Marya (my great grandmother) & her younger sister Anna came to America in 1906 from Zaton at ages 16 & 9. They are on the Ellis Island passenger records. They departed from Hamburg. When they arrived in America they resided in the state of Massachusetts.

Until my great grandmother met my great grandfather Stanley Moski (1892 - 1969). Also Polish. He joined the army here and the story is "they" couldn't pronounce his last name so he changed it to Moski. Nobody knows what the original last name was. Or if it was even close to Moski...unfortunately.

There is another story that my great grandmother had a family in Poland that she left..came to America remarried & started another family. I'm not sure if this is true, my great grandmother was only 16 when she arrived in America..Its doubtful she had children and a husband at that age?
adamj88 2 | 7
2 Dec 2014 #4
Merged: Looking for relatives of either the Zuk or Jurczyk families

Hi, I'm looking for possible relatives of my two maternal great-grandmothers. Both were born in Poland in the 1910s and both emigrated to Australia leaving relatives behind.

Their names were Antonina Zuk (b1918) (married Stefan Jedrzejewski) and Jozefa Jurczyck (b1910) (married Stanislaw Wreczycki)

Both have since sadly died.

I believe Antonina was born in the area Luck, which is now the Ukraine and Jozefa was born in the Czestochowa area.

Hope you guys can help!
Lola winnipeg
16 Feb 2015 #5
There are zuk's in Winnipeg, Manitiba, Canada
adamj88 2 | 7
16 Feb 2015 #6
Oh that's great. I would love to know any more details if you have them.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Feb 2015 #7
JURCZYK: originated as patronymic nick from Jura, Jury, Jurek (pet names from Jerzy = George).

┼╗UK: beetle; peasant surnames were often taken from the names of animals, tools, foods, etc.
Zoe76 - | 2
27 Jan 2016 #8
My grandfather was Tadeusz Karol Jurczynski. He was born in Krakow in September 1919.He came to England in WW2 and i believe he was in the polish brigade in the RAF. He married an English woman, Cora. They had 4 Children, Charles aka John, Bryan, Susan and Christine. They lived in Putney. He died in London in 1976 in charring cross hospital, of Lung Cancer

I don't know if they are related to the Jurczyk family you are looking for.

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