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Joining Free Polish Army in Scotland after Dunkirk from Africa

26 Oct 2013 #1
Hi -

I am looking for information about a ship that brought my father to England in 1940. He escaped the fall of France (he was a civilian at the time) and ended up in Casablanca in August 1940. He told the story that there, British authorities were gathering refugees and put them on a boat that went down the West African coast as far as Nigeria. The ship made it back to England where the men were sent to join their respective Free armed forces. My father went straight up to Scotland and joined General Sikorski's army, eventually ending up as lieutenant in the 1st Armoured Division in France.

Does anyone have a similar story about such a ship, that is one the the British sent out to collect refugees to return them to England for the purpose of expanding the armies of the conquered nations?


maksym 2 | 47
29 Oct 2013 #2
The only ship lists that I know of are for civilian refugees (displaced persons) who were transported from camps in Africa, and some from Europe to UK. These lists are in the following link. They are not indexed, so one would have to look through each ships passenger list for surnames.

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