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Im looking for help with a place name.

MaxwellStDog 2 | 7
13 Feb 2018 #1
Can anyone help me identify a location listed on a Hamburg Passenger list.

About a third of the way down, on the left side is an entry for Josef and Anastasia Nadolny, 1891. The last residence name follows the ages appears to be "Liszege" or maybe not.

I am looking to see if anyone can identify this location. It would have been on the German side, near Breslau (Wroclaw).


hold on. I have to crop it to fit the size limit. - done

kaprys 3 | 2,498
14 Feb 2018 #3
Perhaps Lissen - a German name for Leszno.
15 Feb 2018 #4
To me the spelling looks like Lissege, I can't see a 'z' in there anywhere, but who knows if it was even written down correctly. Mistakes were very common.


I've only seen it written as Lissa.
OP MaxwellStDog 2 | 7
16 Feb 2018 #5
How about "Leśnica?"

That is now part of wroclaw

-- apparently this district was also known as Lissa
kaprys 3 | 2,498
16 Feb 2018 #6

In the link above you'll find more places called Lissen. I have just come across it. It's in German but you can check the places' English Wiki pages.

The quality of the image is not excellent and the handwriting is pretty fancy but to me it looks more like Lissen than Lissa. It might be something else, too.


According to the German Wiki page Leszno was ' Lissa, früher auch Lissen, nicht zu verwechseln mit Deutsch-Lissa' so Lissa was formerly known as Lissen and it shouldn't be confounded with Deutsch-Lissa which is basically the full German name of Wrocław Leśnica.
kaprys 3 | 2,498
16 Feb 2018 #7!-2014-lysiny-figura-rzezba-swiety-jan-by-abri.jpg

Some more googling and I found out Łysiny in Lubuskie was also called Lissen. And there's a statue of Jan Nepomucen in front of the village church - in the link above. And you asked about that name before, didn't you?

Unfortunately, he seemed to have been quite a popular saint around Lubuskie

Anyway, it's really hard to say what your grandfather's birthplace was without further information.
OP MaxwellStDog 2 | 7
16 Feb 2018 #8
Thanks. The great grandfather named after Jan Nepomucen is a different one than the one that is referenced in that image above. Jan Nepomucen Wychocki lived on the Russian side. At gmima Aleksandoro

The one linked to the image above definitely came from Breslau. (Or its immediate area).

Josef Nadolny could not emigrate until after he completed his military service obligations in the German Army.

All this helps as I am having a friendly difference of opinion with my uncle as to which particular entry on the Hamburg list was our ancestor.

Again thanks.

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