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Help with family name Besta?

emil 2 | 8
26 Nov 2011 #1
My family name is Besta and they were/are from Swientochlowitz.Upper Silesia.Is this name familiar to anyone?My Grandfather was from Breslau/Wrocław .Any comments would be welcomed.....Thanks.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
3 Dec 2011 #2
Only 32 Bestas in Poland (according to a previous census), 19 of them in Upper Silesda (Katowice region). The name's etymology could be traceable to the German word "best" or to first Name Sebastian.
karolina_29 - | 1
21 Aug 2012 #3
Welcome. My family also called the Best. It comes from Schwerin, from Poznan. My grandfather George was born in Rokitno. His parents were John and Martha.

Please contact us. Regards
OP emil 2 | 8
11 Sep 2012 #4
Thank you for your interest in my post. Though my last name is Besta not Best.Do you think that there may be a connection ?

Kind regards .Michael emil Besta.

Merged: Upper Silesia.

I live in the USA but my father was born in Upper Silesia. His father was born in what was then called Breslau. My last name is Besta ,does anybody have any input on the origination of this name as it does not seem typically Polish ? Is this a common Silesian name ? Thank you in advance for any information. Mike.
BBman - | 344
11 Nov 2012 #5
36 people in poland have this surname

173 in germany

36 in austria

Not sure how accurate these results are but maybe they can say how common (or uncommon) a surname is.
OP emil 2 | 8
12 Nov 2012 #6
Thanks again for the maps !!

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