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Help: Looking for family history from Wroclaw/Deutsch Hammer

jager61 1 | 2
29 Jan 2011 #1
Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I will be traveling to Poland in the summer in the hopes of tracing my family history on my Father's side. He was from the former town of Deutsch Hammer which I believe is now Wroclaw if I am not mistaken. I would be most obliged if someone would be kind enough to steer me in the right direction as to how I could locate any family records either at a town hall or church? I have the old map of the town and do see that the family name appears on it but no way to know for sure if the house still exists. Any help is most appreciated!

Thank you- Mike

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Looking for help with finding out information from family history from the town of Czeszow formerly called Deutsch Hammer. Will be traveling there in the summer in the hope of tracing my Father's past and his childhood home. Any help is most appreciated.

Thank you - Mike
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
29 Jan 2011 #2
He was from the former town of Deutsch Hammer which I believe is now Wroclaw

half a dozen places with Hammer in the name, none of which come up as Wroclaw.

where did u get your info ?

i could be wrong so wait for other replies.
delphiandomine 83 | 17,771
29 Jan 2011 #3
He was from the former town of Deutsch Hammer which I believe is now Wroclaw if I am not mistaken.

It's now Czeszów.
OP jager61 1 | 2
29 Jan 2011 #4
Wroclaw, I made a mistake. The name of the village is called Czeszow formerly Deutsch Hammer somewhere in the neighborhood of Wroclaw. I believe that Wroclaw used to be called Breslau or maybe Trebnitz? Not quite sure. In either case, my father came from Deutsch Hammer and had to leave with his family in 1945. I'm sure you know the rest of that very sad history. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away last June and I have this desire to try to re-trace his past and that of the history of my family perhaps locating vital records of the family i.e.) birth/death certificates, marriage records etc. If you or someone on the forum would know how to get started I would be grateful. I will be traveling to Germany this summer to visit my extended family (all from Deutsch Hammer) and then will be taking a side trip to Czeszow. Very excited at the possibility of finding anything about the family history. I realize it's a long shot but you never know!

Thanks- Mike
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
29 Jan 2011 #5
i doubt i can help u much. but it is worthwhile checking old maps and then using a modern map to find an address. with google earth or similar u might even find an old, family property still standing.

there are records offices in wroclaw. but there again some of the records u want might actually be in germany.

for church records u need exact info... name of church, location etc.

at some point when applying for records u will have to show a family link and give a good reason for receiving such records.
OP jager61 1 | 2
30 Jan 2011 #6
Wroclaw: I do have a census map from 1945 which I found on the internet which actually shows the family name in several dwellings listed. The map appears to be hand drawn but with great detail. I haven't yet tried to use google earth service however- good idea!

As far as the church, I'm fairly certain that there is only one in the town of Czeszow. When I vist this summer I'm hoping that maybe I will find some info there as well. It is doubtful that any of our family records actually made it into the western part of Germany after the war. I have pretty much exhausted that search already. I did manage to learn the fate of my Grandfather however through a church based family search organization for displaced family members from lower Silesia but nothing more. The rest of it is rather murky having only heard my relatives speak of it when I was a child during the brief period that we lived in Germany before moving to the US in 1969. And for that matter, I really was too young to have understood much anyway. Sadly, my Father was a reluctant and unwilling historian on the Family history. No doubt it was too painful for him to discuss it as I'm sure anyone would understand.

As far as the family link, I do have my father's passport and his official identification that was issued to him in the town he eventually resided in (Bendorf, Germany) and also his US Passport and Immigration/Naturalization records. Hopefully that will suffice in providing a convincing reason for examining any documents that may exist. I am not looking to obtain them but perhaps have copies of them for my children. I don't want this important piece of Family history to be lost to my Kids!

Thank you for the advice I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to respond!

Best regards- Mike
31 Mar 2011 #7
Hallo, I live in Wroclaw/Breslau but I come from Czeszow. I got old map of Deutsch Hammer with german families names and buildings where they lived. Besides i know that village very well so if you give me your father name i can help you find his house. Moreover I know some people who never emigrates from Deutsch Hammer, They are old now but maybe They remember some names and generaly history... so If u want to here is my e-mail jpelwecki@yahoo
2 Jun 2011 #8
Good Afternoon

My wife & I are currently travelling in Europe. My wife's father also came from Krebnitz & we too are looking into her father's history. Did you have any luck with your search?

cheers Mark
30 Jan 2013 #9
I know this is a very old thread, but I just stumbled across it and I too, am interested in the history of my family from Deutsch Hammer. My grandmother lived there before she was displaced in 1944-1945. The family name was Bartsch. If anyone has information, maps, etc. regarding this town and my family, I would love to "chat". Please email me at kelarson831@yahoo Many thanks!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387
30 Jan 2013 #10
this comes up as a possibility:
it's 20 miles from wroclaw.

search for Deutsch Hammer but google images. the results will show some maps.

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