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Need some help with Bublitz family origin.

JBublitz 1 | 6    
28 Sep 2009  #1

Ok, there seems to be some confusion with my family history that no one seems to know the answer to. Maybe someone here who knows about Polish history can help me straighten it out. I'm basing all of this on family stories, so there's no telling of the validity. My last name is Bublitz, the story goes that my Great Great Grandparents Frank and Mina came to the US from Bublitz Germany (now Poland) sometime in the later part of the 1800's. They settled in Chicago and had my Great Grandfather Erwin in 1896. At least that's always been the story. Now, I know that during WWI or II when Germany invaded Poland, they renamed some of the provences, Bublitz (I assume) being one of them. Bublitz is in Pomernland and is now Bobolice (Bublitz being the German spelling). It all sounds good, except for the fact that when my family came from Poland there would be no reason it would be called Bublitz. Bobolice maybe, but why the German spelling if it was before the war? This has been bothering me for years and no one seems to have the answers. If anyone can shed some light on this I would really apprecaite it.

caprice49 4 | 223    
28 Sep 2009  #2

why the German spelling if it was before the war?

Pomerania was autonomous in 1933 and possibly for that reason the name was Bublitz. The history of the region is very checkered. Sweden/Branderburg Prussia/Poland/German Empire/Germany and even France held sovereignity at different periods. From 1815 it came under Poland.
OP JBublitz 1 | 6    
28 Sep 2009  #3

Ok, that would make sense than that the German and Polish name would be interchangable.
caprice49 4 | 223    
29 Sep 2009  #4

German and Polish name

Unlike the place the surname most likely would have been Bublicz
3 Oct 2009  #5

Hi, my name is Werner Bublitz. !'m born in Pommern. In the City of Bublitz there is an old castle. That's where my ancesters come from. We also have aBublitz coat of arms.
Grzegorz_ 52 | 6,196    
3 Oct 2009  #6

Bobolice maybe, but why the German spelling if it was before the war? This has been bothering me for years and no one seems to have the answers. If anyone can shed some light on this I would really apprecaite it.

That town was German before 1945 and your relatives were most probably Gerries...
greg999 - | 3    
29 Oct 2009  #7

Bublitz is polish or wendish(pomeranian slavic) surname. Pomeranian slavic are very close to polish pomeranian people so you can say that you are polish mixed with german or german mixed with polish. Pomerania slavic people speak like kaschubians pomeranian slavic languages dialects of polish language. Search germans name and they say that germans names with tz are common polish or czech, pomeranian slavic the same with ke like ssuchke lemke hanke and ....In wikipedia Pomeranian slavs are mentioned as one group with polish tribes called lechites tribes you can say you are polish:D. I read that Pomeranian tribes moved to west germany from Poland (silesia and pomerania-West) in 6th century so here you are...
OP JBublitz 1 | 6    
10 Nov 2009  #8

Thanks everyone for the info, it definatly helps out. Werner, if you get on here again, send me an e-mail, I'd love to hear about your family and learn a little more about the Bublitz's from that area.
nincompoop_not 2 | 192    
10 Nov 2009  #9

Here is history of Bobolice from their official website.

The name Bublitz has been recorded officially on 17/04/1320 when they were awarded the town status for the first time.
Although not stricte Polish (there's more history involved) it wasn't also German however, because of its growth as a town, Germans moved to the area.

West Pomerania, where is Bobolice, became part of Brandenburgia (German Principality) in 1648.
If you have anyone who could translate it for you, then you'd know more

And flag and coat of arms of Bobolice from Wiki

Currently it's a small town/village.

Plus one more detail:

West Pomerania, where is Bobolice, became part of Brandenburgia (German Principality) in 1648. There is also a history of Jewish community in Bobolice. After the first partition in Poland Prussian king (Fryderyk II) removed 7000 Jews from the region to Poland. The number of Jewish families in Bobolice dropped from around 25 to 6.

Also, another interesting fact from the document below, in 1812 Germans became something what could be called 'Jewish germanisation'. Meaning, they would get the same citizen rights as German citizen IF they change their surnames and names to German, start speaking German and change the clothing/way they dressed to 'European' and had to convert to a christian faith in some cases.

The mass migration, mainly to Germany and both AMericas, from Bobolice and area peaked mid 19th century

These details you'll find here:

!'m born in Pommern. In the City of Bublitz there is an old castle.

In Bobolice Pomerania there's no castle currently. There is an indication that something was there because it was marked on the 'Lubinus Map' from 1618 but no more details regarding it. The map is exhibited in Braunshweig's Palace in Kolobrzeg.

Owners of Bobolice in XV-XVI century were changing frequently. The village belonged to knighted families of von Massow, Eberstein, Lode i Puttkamer.

However, in the area there are 16 smaller palaces (not in Bobolice) with four of them being listed buildings.

There is a castle in another Bobolice, in Silesia region (south Poland) -
OP JBublitz 1 | 6    
10 Nov 2009  #10

Wow, I had no idea that website existed. Good to know. There's always been alot of confusion in my family as to the German/Polish history.
21 Jul 2010  #11

Hi! My name is Aline Bublitz, and I'm from Brazil. I've been looking for some history about the Bublitz. This topics helped a lot, 'cause here is very difficult finding somebody else with this last name, and by internet there's amolt nothing. I just know that in 1800's most of them came here and arrived in the Rio Grande do Sul state. I live in Santa Catarina, neighbor of Rio Grande do Sul, and here e have the biggest german colonization.

Thank you!
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
21 Jul 2010  #12

BUBLIC: this sruname exists in Poland at present whilst Bublicz does not. It calls to mind (to me at least) the famous Russian bread ring бублик (similar to the Polish obwarzanek and Jewish bagel) known from the well-known Russsian song 'Kupiyte bublichki, goriache bublichki..." But this is just my subjective association, and the real etymology is probably quite different.
Vboblitt - | 1    
4 Jan 2011  #13

I am convinced that someone out there knows the answer to this question. My last name is Boblitt spelled numerous ways in the United States (Boblet, Boblett, Bobblett, Boblitt, Boblit, Boblits, Boblets, Boblitz, Baublitz, Baubletz, Bobliz, Boblez, Baublez, Baubliz,and I'm guessing probably Bublitz). For a long time I have been aware of the little town now called Bobolice formerly Bublitz and I have been convinced that my family which traces back to a Jacob Boblitz in 1734 in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania is some how connected to this region of Europe. Can anyone out there help me figure out this mistery. Did any royal families exist in the former Bublitz with the name Bublitz or Boblitz and if so who were their family members? How did the town of Bublitz get it's name? HELP!!!! ANYONE WITH INFORMATION ON THIS TOPIC CAN CONTACT ME AT

Vickie Boblitt
Polonius3 1,020 | 12,550    
5 Jan 2011  #14

BUBLIC: less than 2 doz. peope in Poland use this surname whose orginal spelling was probably Bublitz. No-one uses the Bublitz spelling at present. The toponymic explanation tracing the name to Bublitz/Bobolice seems quite plausible.
4 Jun 2011  #15

we are trying to find where were originated. Says in our ancestry search that our Gruchow married a bublitz but can not find anything on this name. any help would be greatly appreciated. the only reason we believe this is in our ancestry is because at the recorders office they have these two names as parents to one of our relatives.
6 Jul 2011  #16

My last name is also Boblitt, in addition to the location in Poland, Boblitz, Germany is also a possible candidate. Boblitz, Germany is a village in the Spreewald area of Germany
OP JBublitz 1 | 6    
26 Jun 2017  #17

I would love to get ahold of records from that area, I know my great-great Grandfather, who was born in Kozlin, came to America from there in the late 1800's. I've tried for years to find birth records from Kozlin showing either him or his father, but so far have found nothing.
28 Aug 2017  #18

My family immigrated to the USA (Wisconsin) from West Germany in 1955 when I was 6 years old. One of my brother-in-laws also came here from Pomerania (Pommern in German language) about the same time. You have alot of misinformation in your postings. I would recommend that all of who are attemting to research your family's Pomeranian ancestors' history get in touch with the Pomeranian Club organization located in Freistadt, Wisconsin. They have extensive records of their Pommern ancestors who moved there and other locations in the 1850's and later. They maintain a website and publish a newsletter every two months. They celebrate Pommern Tag (Day) annually on a Sunday PM in mid June which is open to the public. They also conduct tours back to Pomerania on both the German and Polish sides as Pommern was partitioned by Russia and the Allies after WW II ended.

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