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to Find family history, Jaworski / Yaworski

lor97 1 | 1
10 Sep 2008 #1
Hi everyone, My name's Lorena and i'm from Argentina. I'm looking for some information about Yaworski Michael. he was born in 1906 and he came into Argentina when the world war II started. he scaped to my country. he was father of one of my employees, and I want to help him to find his history. Also, he need to know if he has relatives in Poland.

Any information will be useful for us,
Thank you very much, honestly.

please send the information to lor97@hotmail
subject yaworsky
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
10 Sep 2008 #2
Yaworski Michael

Probably Jaworski MichaƂ
OP lor97 1 | 1
10 Sep 2008 #3
yes , maybe. his son doesn't remind how the name is writen. THANKS, AND I'D LIKE TO KNOW YOUR NAME
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
10 Sep 2008 #4
he was father of one of my employees

you are a very kind employer
christel sandel - | 1
12 Sep 2009 #5
Merged: Surnames Jaworski and Czarnecki

I am looking for information about my grandfathers family. My grandfather was Zdzislaw Jaworski born 19.1 1906 in Sambor. Parents was Jozef Jaworski and Valeria born Czarnecka.

I have no idea of where and when Jozef and Valeria was born or married.
Family moved to Sanok around 1920. Jozef Jaworski was president of the court there.
Zdzislaw moved after 1928 to Brazil where he met my grandmother. My mother was born there 1932.
1935 my grandmother and my mother came to Finland and my grandmother never more spoke about Zdzislaw.
Zdzislaw had at least one brother Adam who was born 1916 in Sambor and died single 1995.
Sound this familiar to anyone?
Best wishes Christel in Finland
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
12 Sep 2009 #6
Can't say anything about your specific ancestors, but Jaworski comes from the word jawor (sycamore) and the root of Czarnecki is the adjective czarny (black). Names in -ski and

-cki are usually of toponymic (place-name) origin, so these probably originated to identify someone from localities incorporating those roots.
jaworski 1 | 5
20 Oct 2013 #7
Merged: Seeking information about my Grandfather Marian Jaworski

My Grandfather Marian Jaworski was conscripted by the Russians in 1907-1908 to serve in Turkey. He returned to Dombrowa Duza in 1909 and married my Grandmother Anotnina Nowak (Gory) Could anybody tell me what the conflict in Turkey was at that time Bill Baron

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