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Need to find out the birth date of my Grandfather Konstanty Klimowski

27 Jun 2014 #1
I was looking for the birth date of my grandfather and found this site. My grandfather was Konstanty Klimowski, my father was Bernard Anthony Klimowski born as the last child or next to the last child of Julia Cymanski Klimowski. I am the oldest of 3 children born to Bernard and my mother Kathleen Carroll . My name being Trillis Klimowski Duncan. A brother James Arthur Klimowski{deceased} and a sister Fauvette Marie Klimowski {deceased} this may add a few more names to the family tree.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
27 Jun 2014 #2
KLIMOWSKI: root= Kliment (dialectal for first name Klemens); toponymic nick from places like Klimy and Klimówka (Eng. Clemville)

CYMAŃSKI: Polonised verison of German name Ziman (variant of Simon); probably a patronymic tag (Eng. Simonson).
ewap34 - | 11
18 Jul 2014 #3
Hi there.
Did your ancestor was born in Poland? The extent to which years? You know a lot about his family, but if you have information about birth place? The exact date of birth of ancestor you can determine on the basis of documents. This can be a birth certificate, marriage certificate sometimes, may the death certificate. It might be searching for documents in Poland, but here on the forum such information rather not get.

gadeborski 2 | 16
28 Mar 2016 #4
Hi Trillis,

Katarzyna Klimowska, Konstanty's sister, is my great grandmother. We are cousins. I have a good deal of information about our common ancestors. You can contact me through this forum. Konstanty Klimowski was born in Szczutowo on 16 Aug 1863. Julia Cymanska was born in Brodniczka on 09 Jul 1861.

Gary Deborski
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
28 Mar 2016 #5

KLIMOWSKI: root-word klim (short peasant form of Klemens {Clement}); probably toponymic from localilites such as Klimów, Klimowo, Klimówka, etc. (Eng. equiv. Clemton, Clemville).

CYMAŃSKI: either from 1) Belarusian Tymofiej (Timothy) or 2) German name Siemann (from older German Sigiman = victory man).

DĘBORSKI; one of many surnames derived from dąb (oak).

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