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Polish family name search Stanislaus Kiernoziak, Antonia Marek, in or near Czarna Gora

12 Sep 2014 #1
I am reading a Polish baptismal certificate.
I cannot decipher name spelling exactly;
It is from Aug 6, 1881
in Czarna Gora
Childs Name: Catharina
first name: Stanislaus OR Stoimslaus?
last name: Kierzmariak or Kiernoziak?

first name: Antonia
last name: Marek

Does anyone know of those families in that area called Czarna Gora

Can I post the birth certificate?
Thank you,
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
12 Sep 2014 #2
KIERNOZIAK: patronymic; root-word kiernoz (male pig); when someone nickamed Kiernoz fathered a son, the offspring would have been dubbed Kiernoziak by local villagers.

KIERZMARIAK: no such surname!

MAREK: first name used as a surname; this often occurred when only one person in a given hamlet had a certain baptismal name which eventually evolved into a surname.

STANISLAUS: In the past, parish records had been written in Latin, and this is the Latin equivalent of Stanisław.
OP kiki1234
13 Sep 2014 #3
Thank you very much for replying. I will be traveling to Poland in October from California so I wanted to understand if there were any possibilities of finding further family connections.

It seems like a very broad use to either name. I have an Grand Aunt who always sent money to the Church in Czarna Gora. It makes me want to see it so I will go there and check it out. If you or others have any further information please let me know. All information is certainly interesting.

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