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Is there a family crest for my surname of "Rukat"

Jerome_buffalo 3 | 6
2 Jul 2012 #1
Ive been looking everywhere and cant find anything.
Nickidewbear 23 | 610
2 Jul 2012 #2
Is your surname really "Rukat" or an Anglicanized version of something else?
genecps 7 | 131
2 Jul 2012 #3
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
13 Jul 2012 #4
No coat of arms accompanies Rukat. There were szlahcta members amongst the bearers of the Rukowicz surname (Hipocenatur c-o-a) and 3 gentry lines in the Rukiewicz family (Hipocentaur, Jastrzębiec and Mogiła).

RUKAT: possibly derived from the Old Polish verb rukać (I won't define it, however, lest someone take offence).
2 Sep 2012 #5
Hi Jerome, my family has the same name and I was informed that there was a coat of arms but like you I have been unable to locate it. I do know that the surname was changed at some point but I have gone as far back as 1784 and it's still Rukat! What is your interest in the name?
rukat Marian
29 Sep 2012 #6
Name Rukat coat is not, because Rukat settled in Poland in 1780, as the invaders from the east and settled in the area around Malkinia Danilov.
29 Sep 2012 #7
i have traced my family back to Wincenty Rukat 1784. I know we had a coat of arms in the middle of a cross (which my great grandfather had). I'm sure I can go back further.
rukat Marian
30 Sep 2012 #8
If you are interested by Rukat's family I can give you my e-mail.
OP Jerome_buffalo 3 | 6
1 Oct 2012 #9
All i know is that its Rukat.Any ideas where my family may have came from? Im also trying to find any famiy members i poland

yes please. jeromechammer01@hotmail
29 Sep 2014 #10
Jerome, I am looking for a woman named Nancy who married a man named Harry Jerome Rukat, and had a son with the same name, back in the 70's could you be the ex-husband or son of this person I went to school with, her friends are looking for her, I am Polish, but sorry do not know the roots of your name, thank you for your help, good luck with your search, if you want to translate polish words go to
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
30 Sep 2014 #11
No coat of arms for Rukat!
13 Apr 2015 #12
Hi Marian, I'd be interested to learn more about the Rukat history. How can I get in touch with you?
5 Jun 2015 #13
Hi comet my e-mail address is
Can You give me Yours great grandfather and grandfather names?

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