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(Christel Gerda Ilisch) - Searching my grandmother

22 Sep 2010 #1
Hi there.

I believe my grandmother (Christel Gerda Ilisch) was born in Poland (Gdansk?) in 1923.

Is there a place i can search polish birth records?

Im finding it very hard, i am wondering if the surname Ilisch is even correct? Or maybe changed during world war one?
Any advice would be much appreciated x
dr_rabbit 5 | 90
22 Sep 2010 #2
Ilisch is a German surname, as is the rest of her name. She was probably part of the German majority of the Free City of Danzig, which was not a part of Poland, but rather a quasi city state under the rule of the League of Nations with nominal Polish control.

Having said that, I'm not sure if Poland holds the records to "Danzig" (it's possible that they do), whether they were transferred to Germany, or whether (likely) they were destroyed.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
22 Sep 2010 #3
ILISZ: the ilisz surname has been recorded in Poland. It is believed to have evolved in the Middles Ages from Eliasz, the name of the Old Testamtent prophet whose name in Hebrew means 'Jehova is my God'.
dr_rabbit 5 | 90
23 Sep 2010 #4
A perennial fount of knowledge, Polonius. PS I wasn't trying to discourage OP, just adding my 2 cents.
OP findingnan
25 Sep 2010 #5
Thanks for all your replies. x
17 Jun 2018 #6

My mother is the sister from Christel Gerda Ilisch and her name was Friedel Magarethe Prüfer geb. Ilisch. She was born in Danzig (German name)
Crow 160 | 10,261
17 Jun 2018 #7
i am wondering if the surname Ilisch is even correct?

Try Serbian surname Ilic (Ilić). God knows Poland was filled with Serbians in many occasions. Sure not to go that deep in past when Poles themselves were Serbs. But, as I founded out, one can tell that to all Europeans.
17 Jun 2018 #8
No it is a german surname in Danzig (Germany) until 1949 and then deported to Germany west.
Crow 160 | 10,261
17 Jun 2018 #9
ha German surname! Germans are last of today`s non-Slavs that separated from Serbian meta-ethnicity. Youngest nation of Europe. But well, if you insist.

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