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DP camp in Siberia, Resettlement camp in Anglesey? Bardua surname.

essexmoon 1 | 1
8 Sep 2016 #1
I am trying to trace my fathers history but seem to be getting no further...i'm not sure where i can find the information i am looking for....if anyone could help i would be very grateful. My father, Waldemar Bardua, born 1934, in Lwow, was deported to a Siberian camp.....but i do not know which there any way of finding out which....are there lists of names of deportees? I have found the ship and date that he and his mother arrived in Liverpool, however that is as far as i can get....from memory i believe he ended up in Anglesey....but cant find any further information. Thank you for any help you may be able to offer me.
terri 1 | 1,665
9 Sep 2016 #2
Try the Army or maybe the Red Cross. At one time, I remember that the Salvation Army also traced people.
12 Sep 2016 #3
Siberian camp

As far as I know, there weren't any DP camps in Siberia. These were mainly in Europe ( Germany, Italy, Austria ), British Africa and India, Iran ( as it was occupied by Britain at the time ).

There were thousands of camps across Siberia, and without further information I think your chances of finding out which one are slim.
Here is a list of Gulags, which were forced labour camps, but there were also corrective labour colonies and special settlements, all of which would have come under the general term Gulag. I've read accounts of women working on farms in Siberia, whether these would have come under the term Gulag I have no idea.

Do you know anything more than you have written here? It's not a lot to go on to be honest.
Men were usually separated from their family, so often women and children would be in different camps.
Of the 3 waves of deportation of Poles in 1940, the second wave in April consisted of mainly women and children who were mostly deported to Kazakhstan ( part of which lies within Siberia ), and Altai Krai ( within Siberia ). Of course they could have been deported earlier or later than April.

Not sure whether this link will be useful, but scroll down to Kresy, there is a link you can click on, The Kresy-Siberia list which might be helpful to you.

i believe he ended up in Anglesey.

All I can find in reference to Anglesey is the 2 Polish army units resettlement corps camps, listed under Wales:-
OP essexmoon 1 | 1
14 Sep 2016 #4
Thank you so much for your help and suggestions : )

I did indeed title it was a labour camp that my father, his brother my grandmother (Halina Bardua, maiden name Sobolewska) were deported to....but i cant find any dates. I have no idea where my grandfather went at that time....although i know he fought in Monte Cassino and later was reunited with the family when they all made it to England. My father and grandmother were i believe sent to a temporary camp/clearing centre in Tehran after the war before being allocated to a refugee camp in Ain Karem, Palestine. I have looked at quite a few websites including those you suggested but cant find any lists of names or dates.....but i assume i am being optimistic thinking there are any? Thank you again for any further suggestions you can offer.
terri 1 | 1,665
14 Sep 2016 #5
Try the Army, a lot of Poles after the war went through the same journey. They were issued with resettlement cards, so search and search.

You will not find names and dates of people sent to Labour Camps in Siberia. Most likely they were destroyed. Recently, I saw a film which clearly showed what went on in the camps. I'll try and find the title, so you can get an idea of what went on.

Found it.żowaniu+wichrów-2014-709999
15 Sep 2016 #6
but i cant find any dates.

As Terri has said, you won't find names and dates I'm afraid. There were four waves of deportation of Poles, three in 1940, and one in 1941, so that would have been the time frame. There is information relating to the Gulags at the Russian State Archives, but not lists of people, and much of the information is still sealed and under restrictive access, although some archival documents have been published.

I have no idea where my grandfather went at that time.

Heads of family were commonly separated, so it's likely that he would have been sent to a different camp.
If he fought at Monte Cassino, then he would have been part of Anders' Army:-

You could try the army for accessing his records as Terri has suggested.

Unless you have family members who have further information, I think it highly unlikely that you will find out which camp your father was in I'm afraid.
Mikebozz - | 1
30 May 2017 #7

Hunting info about grandfathers ancestors who uncle Stalin rounded up and shipped to Siberian work camps

Michał Tadeusz Bożek - served in the Polish army during ww1, Zglobice is the village were he raised four boys, "me being named after one of his sons, Michael Thadeus Bozek III" worked his land as a farmer, then Stalin rounded up his whole village, stuffed them in train boxcars, one way to Siberia. Guess I'm truly interested in his ancestors. And about his wife, I know just her first name, "Angela" would love information about her and her lineage! Thanks for reading
peterweg 37 | 2,319
30 May 2017 #8
11 Feb 2021 #9
Hi, I've just seen your post from 2016. My father was also resettled in a camp on Anglesey, and also mentioned spending time in Siberia during his time in the Polish 2nd Corps. He came over with his mother and lived on Anglesey till his passing in 1999.

His name was Jan Wladislaw Kuszniewicz, the camp was called Mona Camp, but no longer exists.
Did you get any further with your father's history?
Who know's, they may have known each other.
Look forward to your reply.

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