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Burial listings for Polish cemeteries. Where to find them online?

Austim 3 | 2
19 Apr 2011 #1
Can anyone tell me where to find burial lists online for Polish cemeteries? I haven't had any luck finding birth, marriage or death certificates so I thought about trying to put our family tree together using burial records. The only problem is that I can't seem to find any. Any help would be appreciated.


Wroclaw 44 | 5359
19 Apr 2011 #2
Can anyone tell me where to find burial lists online for Polish cemeteries?

if there are any lists they may be spread about. meaning as the borders have moved u could find things listed under Prussia, Russia etc.

Jewish records are less difficult to find. some cemeteries will have been cleared away. the more famous cemeteries will have lists somewhere.

u might find info in a city archive.

What city/area are u interested in ?
Semsem 16 | 26
19 Apr 2011 #3
Going to come into this conversation.

Looking for burial information for Jasło and Osiek.
Kesik 2 | 7
20 Apr 2011 #4
You can not find much online, the Polish government does allow any records that are 100 years or less to be online (privacy issues), I have tried to find my family tree records, one needs patience and a lot of hunting around different websites. I have found some relatives on this cemetery website: ( city of Warsaw),but you really need to go to the State Archives of the city in Poland and pay up so they can look for you, some charge as much as a fee of $200 to $400 for 1 hr + expenses.

Good luck in your search.
OP Austim 3 | 2
22 Apr 2011 #5
What city/area are u interested in ?

I want to start in Lodz city but then maybe also Belchatow for another part of the family. I found 1 website for the communal cemeteries in Lodz but they don't have any of the names I am looking for.
Trevek 25 | 1699
22 Apr 2011 #6
I'd suggest church death records, if possible. If you know the area your family were/are from, try writing to the diocese office to see if they have any records.

Sometimes I have found death records but no graves (a few decades of Polish winters can wipe out a grave marking) or the graves/cemeteries are no more.
Softsong 5 | 493
6 Jul 2011 #7
Merged:Michałki Cmentarz - Something to share with my PF friends

On July 2nd, I wished I could have been in Poland. Many of you know that my roots are both Polish and Vistula German. I have met family and made many friends on my trips to Poland, and have come to know the town where my grandmother grew up. I feel it is like a second home. And, right now I am a bit choked up. I just received the links to the newspaper story about the cemetery where many of my family are buried. I am so very proud and grateful to all the Polish people who have donated so much time and effort to make this happen!

Especially Dr. Arkadiusz Fischer who is a distant family member. You can see the church in the background of picture #9
1 Oct 2013 #8
there r a lot of polish communities here in the u.s if u have relitives that immigrated here to the states
try to find out where in the states they immigrated to and try from there
I am trying to do the same for the relititves that did come over here
for me one family member in Chicago il.
another into Michigan
California this one I have

also have family still in Poland my uncle just left this week to go back n look for info
sad thing bout a lot of records in warsaw they were destroyed during ww2
but if u know of family members there then that point of starting
but otherwise difficult to get and find info unless know exacts
that there was my prob
so I spent a lot on snail mail and tons of email a lot misses but few hits
so if u write snail mails my suggestion is keep ALL copies u have written and I u get reponses put the two together so u havethe correspondence whether or not u have a hit to what u r looking for same thing w emails copy off a copy 4 u records and if n when u get response then also save both u request questions etc and the response put together into file that way u have paper trail of who u wrote to and who have responded

and that way u don't write to same address twice
8 Jul 2014 #9
Search a grave in Poland: ww (dot) or ww (dot)
30 Nov 2017 #10

Polish burials CWGC Newark upon Trent Nottinghamshire.

As the title says , I am looking into the burials at the Newark upon Trent CWGC section. While I have nealy completed the PAF/RAF personnel with the help of the Krystek and Niebieska eskadra websites. The Polish Army and PRC personnel are proving to be more elusive. Is there an Army/PRC equivalent to the Krystek list ? If not is there anyway of getting the information without ording vast amounts of files from Kew ?

Many thanks Shaun.
29 Nov 2018 #11
Hi Tim,
Saw your post on the Najgebauer family from Lodz, Poland, and was wondering if you are still researching this family? As I am doing some research on them for a friend and thought that maybe we could share information and help each other, as I believe that we are looking at the same family from Lodz. My email address is

Best regards,

Koach 16 | 128
4 Dec 2018 #12
I'm interested in locating burial pictures/records from the following towns: Lubno, Chodorowka and Bachorz outside Dynow; Leki and Borzecin near Brzesko; and Dabie and Roza near Zasow. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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