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Barwina Father came from Tuchola

a_jacobs49 1 | 11
7 Oct 2008  #1
Hi its a long shot wondering if any Barwina s out there in Poland , My father came to UK during the second WW stayed in UK , and died in UK , All I know from him is he came from Tuchola , had approx 5 siblings 1 brother called Zygfrid ( Deja Zygmunt) died in France 1944 aged just 22 in WW2 . Cant remember his bro/sisters names think 1 was called Edmund. My mother is Austrian, who also came to UK 1953, Im a Heinz 57 ! PS my fathers name was Antek known as Tony . Thanks Anita

Dec 17, 09, 19:37 - Thread attached on merging:
tracing family name Barwina

My father Antoni Barwina came from Poland possibly Byslawek, or Stonackiego Sepolno, Tuchola . he was born 1920 came to UK during 2nd war and stayed he never returned to Poland . He died 1995 aged 73. He had possibly 6 brothers 1 sister 1 brother Zygfried "Daja" died aged 22 in France during the war. 1 brother Edmund had 2 children Wojtek born 1962 and girl aged maybe 43 his sister posibly named Anita escaped during the war and married a german . would love to get in touch with any family of my father. as researching the name Barwina draws a blank
29 Jan 2010  #2
Just now read your post. My Grandmothers name was Barwina. She came to Germany from Poland shortly after WW2. My mother always told me we had relatives living somewhere in England who are from my Grandmothers side. She did not know where exactly. So, maybe there is a chance we are related?
OP a_jacobs49 1 | 11
29 Jan 2010  #3
Hi cant believe after 4 years of research and posts that there maybe a possible relation I can remember my parents saying that my fathers sister escaped from poland during the war and settled in germany and married a german her name Anita Barwina not 100% sure PS thats also my name could there be a link ? my fathers name was Antoni Barwina born 1920 many thanks for getting in touch Anita

Feb 19, 10, 21:08 - Thread attached on merging:
searching for family of Antoni Barwina

I would like to trace any family of my father Antoni Barwina born may 22 1920 Byslawek Tuchola Poland he was in the Polish army the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division he fought in Monte Cassino . after the war he stayed in England he died 23. 01.1995 aged 73 . He lived in Flintshire North Wales . He had brothers Edmund, Alfons,Bernard,Jan,Bronislaw (Bruno),Zygfryd he died in France WW2 aged 22 and a sister Gertruda she married a German and lived in Germany after/during the war . His parents names were Joannes and Anna . Many thanks Anita
27 Feb 2010  #4
Sorry for my late reply. My Computer broke, and I had to get a new one.
My grandmothers name was Rosa Barwina. Her daughters (my mothers) name is Anita. Her sons name was Siegfried. She married a German named Kurt Brenneisen and had one more son and daughter with him.

Do you have an e-mail? I am not sure if we are allowed to post our e-mail on here.
OP a_jacobs49 1 | 11
28 Feb 2010  #5
Hi many thanks for getting back in touch with me does my fathers brothers names look familier to you ? did they come from Tuchola and Byslawek area? I have 2 sisters and 1 brother my eldest sister said I was named after my fathers neice could that be your mum? my sisters are called Lydia , Helen and brother Steven .my email address is or you can send me a private message on this site . Hope you get back soon Anita .
14 Mar 2010  #6
I've sent You a letter on a given e-mail address with all the details.

Greetings from Poland


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