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Baranowo Parish Records after 1902

paulsoncall 1 | 1
22 Apr 2013 #1
Baranowo Parish Records after 1902

Has anyone else had luck finding records for Baranowo marriages after 1902? I'm trying to build my family tree and I'm having a hard time locating anyone on my father's side. I'm sure these records would help, but they seem to be non-existent.

TheOther 6 | 3,690
22 Apr 2013 #2
Couple of questions:

- which Baranowo?
- catholic, protestant or Jewish?
- what family name?
OP paulsoncall 1 | 1
22 Apr 2013 #3
I'll give the answers to the best of my knowledge.

Baranowo close to the village of Bakula
Catholic (as far back as I know they were Catholic)
Panus is the main name I'm looking for (also, Olender, Gaska, Tabaka, might be helpful)

TheOther 6 | 3,690
22 Apr 2013 #4
As a starter (I know there's nothing after 1902):

Groom: Jozef Panus, 19 yrs, b. Adamczycha, Parish of Baranowo, s/o Walenty & Franciszka Kaczynski
Date: 6 July 1896, Baranowo
Bride: Rozalia Gaska, 18 yrs, b. Orzel, Parish of Baranowo, d/o Pawel & Maryanna Gacioch

Groom: Jozef Panus, 28 yrs, b. Bakula, Parish of Baranowo, s/o Stanislaw & Rozalia Baczek
Date: 21 July 1901, Baranowo
Bride: Maryanna Tabaka, 30 yrs, b. Baranowo, d/o Pawel & Marcyanna Kuzia (Marriages 1855 - 1902)

Baronowo cemetery:
4 Aug 2014 #5
Looking for birth, death and marriage for Grzgegorczyk. Marcin, Thadeus, Anna, Eleanora, and Marianna. Marianna born 1880 in Baranow, married Knonenberg. Eleanora born in 1884, married Plocharczyk. Family lore is that Anna and Marcin/Thadeus died when the girls were 8 and 12. Marcin/Thadeus was a cabinet maker. Eleanora lived in Przylaja (very small village) when she married. Marianna and Eleanora both came to the USA in the early 1900's.

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
25 Aug 2014 #6
GRZEGORCZYK: root-word Grzegorz (Gregory); patronymic nick equivalent to Greggson or McGregor.

KRONENBERG: German for Crown Mountain; mainly used by Germans and Jews in Poland.

P£OCHARCYK: patronymic nick meaning "son of Płocharz" (the płocharz being someone who made a combing tool for a weaver's loom).
marzenaewa - | 1
15 Nov 2015 #7
Merged: Panus last name - Anyone related?

My maiden name is Panus, I was born in Warsaw, living in Toronot, Canada since 1990. My father (Bronislaw) family is from Kurpie- Bakula/Baranowo. Grandma name was Marianna (Orzel I think), she died in 1978 age of 92 or 93.

I know I have a family in US (in 1974 some of them lived in Florida, Orlando), but my father for some reason was not providing many details. I met them when they were visiting Poland (Warsaw and Bakula) I think in 1974?

Anyone related?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 Nov 2015 #8

PANUS: probably derived friom the once fairly popular first name Pankracy.
11 Jan 2016 #9
Good evening'

the records for Baranowo are now online thru 1911; Please write me with your names of interest and I would
be happy to establish a connection,. I along with my friend and cousin Heniek Walczyk have the records for all the births, marriages and deaths for Baranowo and we assuredly can assist you. My email is
4 May 2016 #10
After finally being able to figure out with a he full person what city my Grandfather was from. I was told he was from Baranowa/Rutka-Tarak. It was also mentioned that the records till 1918 stayed at Lubowa Parish, unfortunately the parish (with the vital books) burned out during WWll. He said he could try and maybe look for existing relatives in the city ( pop 85) or go to the parish and look at records. My grndafathers name is Benjanin Stesney (Szczesny-Sczesny) possibly Bolislaw. He was born in 1982-1894, he wrote different dates on separate documents. His fathers name was Kazmirise (spelling unsure) and his wife was Katherina (spelling unsure). My grandfather came to America from Hamburg, Germany. I was wondering if any one could possibly give me an idea if it's worth my while to hire this man to do research under the circumstances of that area. Thank you.
TheOther 6 | 3,690
4 May 2016 #11
Terese, try the civil registration records instead. If they weren't destroyed during the war, they should be available at the state archive that is in charge for the area.
terri 1 | 1,664
5 May 2016 #12
Records from 1902 had to survive TWO World Wars. Some did not. The best way would be for a family member to undertake this research.
If you employ a 'professional' he will take you to the cleaners and get no results.
26 Aug 2018 #13
Looking for anyone from Poznan with the last names of either Szczesniak (great grandmother, Anna) or Piotrowski (great grandfather, Szymon)
TheOther 6 | 3,690
26 Aug 2018 #14
I answered in the other thread

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