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Antolak, Gruza, Mirek - help with these surnames

x_brittany 1 | -
21 Sep 2007 #1
I'm new to these boards and was wondering if you guys could help me with the surnames listed above. Could you tell me if these last names are polish, and if not what origin they are. it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and i'll be back later to read any replies
Ronek 1 | 261
21 Sep 2007 #2
antolak looks jewish/russian
gruza/mirek some common eastern names
Jantolak - | 1
27 Dec 2009 #3
My grandfather, Josef Antolak, was born in poland in 1895(?)
His listed place of residence was sieniawe, galicia.
He came to the US in july of 1913.
I have been trying to gather info on family history.
Grandfather: Josef Antolak
Great Grandfather: Adam Antolak (married a talaga)

Joseph Antolak
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
28 Dec 2009 #4
ANTOLAK: possibly patronymic nick derived from Antoni (Antoni's son?) or Anatol (Anatol's son?)
GRUZA: dervied from gruz (rubbble), gruzel (clod) or Gruzin (Georgian).
MIREK: short for first name Mirosław; some Polish surnames have forms identical to Christian names, eg Zygmunt, Wojtek, Jędrzej.
Shellie 1 | 11
5 Jan 2010 #5
Jantolak -

There was a Jozef Antolak who was married to Marianna Gal in Odrowaz (southern Poland, near Nowy Targ). They had 3 children born in Odrowaz:
Antonia (born 1900)
Aneila (born in 1901)
Andrzej (born in 1906)

If you visit the PolishOrigins website / Antolak is in the surname list. There are members there who are also researching this name.
29 Jan 2011 #6
My grandmother's maiden name was Antolak. She was polish.
29 Jan 2011 #7
antolak looks jewish/russian

No absolutely not jewish nor russian. Purely Polish
19 Sep 2016 #8
my last name is gruza
my grandfather Jacob Gruza - an orthodox jew left skempe poland for the US in 1920 and then his wife dina, and daughters francis, elenor, shirley and niece traveling as a daughter ceila followed in 1925

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