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'de volaille' - I need the recipe for what sounds like devil eye??

21 Feb 2007 #1
I have just returned from Szczecin, and was blessed to be in a home where this dish was served. At first glance, it looked like an egg roll. The hostess said the filling was chicken, pork, fresh chopped garlic, and mushrooms. It was absolutely wonderful. I am sure I could never duplicate her preparation, but I would like to try. Can anyone help??
Kowalski 7 | 621
26 Feb 2007 #3
de volaille ....chicken de volaille
rick54 4 | 9
28 Feb 2007 #4
That does sound yummy indeed. I'm a firm believer in that you can never over garlic anything!
So it appears we have it identified!
I'll be watching for a recipe to appear next!
theonlydevil 2 | 6
6 Mar 2008 #5
Merged: Kurczak de volaille

hi, does anyone know a good recipe for Kurczak de volaille?
thank you!
cyg 5 | 119
6 Mar 2008 #6
Check out "Chicken Kiev" on any recipe website and you've got it.
gemini 1 | 21
6 Mar 2008 #7
You can try Chicken Kiev like Cyg says but I think the traditional Polish De Volaille is slightly different.

Just use some chicken breast which you thin and flatten out with a special meat hammer.
Season the breast with salt and pepper and put a knob of butter in the middle and a little bit of dried marjoram.
Roll up the chicken breast and secure with a tooth pick.

Then roll your chicken breast into flour and tap of any excess flour, roll it into a beaten egg and then cover it in breadcrumbs.

Fry in a pan with plenty of butter until golden brown and cooked through.

I think a Chicken Kiev has garlic butter in it but I was told that, surprisingly enough, in the Polish version no garlic is used.

But then everybody here might have his/her own recipe.
Seanus 15 | 19,674
19 Jan 2009 #8
Worth reviving, this is a tasty food. I love it, dripping with garlic butter, succulent and sweet. The dish isn't too bad either ;)
pawian 222 | 24,365
17 Aug 2019 #9
Probably nice but it is certainly not my fav. I only eat it when visiting family. I don`t know but I have always been suspicious about rolled or stuffed meat. Probably some prejudice from communist times when such a roll/stuffing contained various strange things. .

Kurczak de volaille

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