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Polish spice chocolates

Rolandberger 1 | 3
9 Oct 2011 #1
Hello all

A very good polish friend of mine told me once about delicious polish chocolates that were made with all kind of spices such as paprika. I tried googling it to find some as i d like to offer her these chocolates as a little present but i can t find them anywhere.

Would any of you know where this from and where i can buy some ? I would prefer chocolates from a traiteur rather tjan industrial ones.

Many thanks if you can help me out :-)
Wedle 16 | 496
9 Oct 2011 #2
I would prefer chocolates from a traiteur rather tjan industrial ones.

Maybe you are referring to " Pierniki " its a spicy gingerbread covered in chocolate.

or try Wedel.

There are also some chocolate boutique shops that have recently opened in Warsaw.
OP Rolandberger 1 | 3
9 Oct 2011 #3
Many thanks,

Would you of any specialized chop that would deliver to switzerland ?
gumishu 11 | 5,740
9 Oct 2011 #4,55340.html
beckski 12 | 1,617
10 Oct 2011 #5

The drinking chocolate sounds fantastic too :)
OP Rolandberger 1 | 3
10 Oct 2011 #6
Thank you so much for the answers i really appreciate it you just made someone happy.

Still open for other suggestions :-)
mstefani - | 1
12 Oct 2011 #7
Try to look for in any good shopping center. The should be any shop like "Pralinka" that offers many kind of chocolate, also with chilli.
peterweg 37 | 2,319
13 Oct 2011 #8
A mixture of Chilli and chocolate was an Aztec specialty, so its not a Polish concept.
beckski 12 | 1,617
13 Oct 2011 #9
Aztec specialty

If one can't locate Polish spicy chocolates, they can settle for some Kahlua with hot chocolate.
ShAlEyNsTfOh 4 | 161
13 Oct 2011 #10
if ur living in ontario, canada, go to Starsky. They have EVERYTHINGGGGG polish. mmmmm!!
OP Rolandberger 1 | 3
15 Oct 2011 #11
Guys and gals you all rock thank you so much! I live in south africa but my friend leaves in switzerland do you know if these stores or others can deliver to swiss ? Is there maybe a specialized online shop you know off?

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