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A snack at Bob Beans - could sure use some info.

Peter59 4 | 35
14 Aug 2013 #1
Last summer while visiting Poland I had the pleasure to snack on a bowl of Bob Beans. As one who enjoys gardening I decided to try to grow my own supply. Are there any gardeners out there that have raised Bob Beans that could tell me why my plants do not produce very many bean pods? The plants are 50 to 70 cm tall and have continually bloomed for the last month, but hardly any of the blooms turn into bean pods. It sure has me puzzled?? I could also use info on how to prepare them, if they do happen to produce enough to eat. Thanks:)
beckski 12 | 1,617
14 Aug 2013 #2
It's probably because you're lacking real Polish soil Peter. My great-aunt Janka makes jam from Polish roses. She swears the recipe only works with roses grown in a Polish garden:)
OP Peter59 4 | 35
14 Aug 2013 #3
Maybe by next spring I can talk someone into mailing me a shoe box full of good Polish soil. But until then I hope there are a few more suggestions as to why the blooms do not turn into pods. I also keep honey bees so there are plenty of bees for pollination. But they do not seem overly interested in the Bob blossoms. Does anyone know what the common pollinator for these beans in Poland is?
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Aug 2013 #4
Dollars to doughnuts it's because it too hot for them. Fava beans are a cool-weather crop, and do not tolerate temperatures over 80 degrees fahrenheit. Google "growing fava bean in (wherever you live)" for more specific advice. In Poland, the strategy is to plant them as early as possible in spring so that they mature before temperatures get too high.

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