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Mexican food store in Poland (online)

cldagy 4 | 13
5 Nov 2017 #1
Hello, anyone know of good Mexican store online in Poland?

I have tried ebay, allegro, olx but no luck.

So far I have found really good and authentic products from and I highly recommend.
DominicB - | 2,709
5 Nov 2017 #2

For anchos, guajillas, pasillas, mulatos, mecos, moritals, cascabels and other dried chiles, have them shipped to you from Mexico. Same with Ibarra chocolate and mote.

If you like New Mexico or California chiles, have them sent to you from the States.

For poblanos, serranos, Anaheims, jalapenos, and other fresh chiles, you're going to have to get the seeds and grow them yourself. Probably the same with cilantro. Plantains you will just have to do without. Bananas make a terrible substitute.

Chorizo you're going to have to learn to make yourself.

Masa harina you can buy in most large shopping malls. They usually have a store called Kuchnia Świata or something similar, and they have limited Mexican items. You can also order online from them.

Everything else you can find in Polish stores and shops. Is there anything particular you are looking for?
OP cldagy 4 | 13
5 Nov 2017 #3
Hi, that was very informative response.

Currently I am able to get some of these dried peppers and some other salsas and canned vegetables. There are millions (literally) of different and unique products from the Mexican market. I'm just trying to bring a little piece of home to my new one here in Poland. I miss Mexican snack chips crisps so bad!! Haha

But hey Biedronka has Panchoz chips crisps!!! And so far I have seen 3 different flavor: salt, cheese and chili!!! Very similar to Mexican chips.

Little by little I'm getting more and more products. I tried growing Serranos and piquines but I suck at it massively. LOL
DominicB - | 2,709
6 Nov 2017 #4
I tried growing Serranos and piquines but I suck at it massively. LOL

You do know that you have to start these plants indoors about the end of February and transplant them outdoors once the threat of frost is past? If you sow them outside, they probably won't mature before fall.
cms 9 | 1,255
6 Nov 2017 #5
There is also they have pretty much the same stuff as Don describes in Kuchnia Swiata plus a small selection of other sauce etc. But you will have to improvise ! Good thing about Poland in summer is lots of good fruit and vegetables and it is tasty so I'm sure you will get to love a polish food too :)

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