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Looking for the name of a cake my polish grandmother used to make

mpawlowski 1 | -
31 Aug 2010 #1
Hi all

All though my childhood, my polish grandmother used to make me this particular cake when she would visit. She called it 'coffee cake' or 'celebration cake'. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to pass on the recipe before she died. I've been searching for it since.

It was a multi layered cake, with about 5 or so layers of a solid cake (like a torte), but not a sponge. with 3 layers of coffee flavoured cream in the middle. Each later was only about 1 cm high. I remember there were crushed biscuits around the outside.

Does this sound like anything anyone recognises?

Any help appreciated. Thank you.
Sildar - | 34
31 Aug 2010 #2
Something like that?

Ciasto kawowe 2

It could be as you said coffe cake = ciasto kawowe
There are many ways to do it. Try to search on google for recipes, or wait for other users to help you.

See you
radda99 - | 3
31 Aug 2010 #3
I wonder if your Grandmother's cake is something like I had recently. It was made of layers of biscuit and flavoured cream.

Also, I had something similar to what you describe but it was sponge layers...

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