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Your favourite Polish foods!

21 Apr 2009 #61
naleśniki z serem... pyszota...

Bought the cheese at the local deli today. Nalesniki tomorrow!
pgtx 30 | 3,158
21 Apr 2009 #62
Nalesniki tomorrow!

for all of us???

21 Apr 2009 #63
I only bought a medium sized container. So you and you can have some, but none for you.

Please form an orderly line.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
21 Apr 2009 #64
Freshly-baked bread rolls :)
anubis - | 35
22 Apr 2009 #65
Kisiel is made of fruit juices thickened with potato starch, though these days you can buy little packets of commercially produced instant kisiel (horrible tasting). And I totally understand your dislike of it - weird texture!
MarcinK - | 36
22 Apr 2009 #66
Tatare, it ain't Polish but we eat it anyways. Raw beef, raw eggs, pickles, onions, garlic, salt, pepper and vodka to wash away the mad cow disease.
svengoola - | 69
22 Apr 2009 #67
I wouldn't want to look into your toilet after eating all those raw yummies....
GabrielleCebula - | 16
22 Apr 2009 #68
lol the Golbaki from the jar does sound nasty but to be honest
that was the 1st time i tasted it

it sure doesn't compare to the home cooked ones at all

and thanks for telling me the names of the dishes i described =]

I am too scared to eat Tartare or any kind of raw meat lol, it's probably harmless and tastes yummy but the mind is a powerful thing hehe.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
22 Apr 2009 #69
Stuffed cabbage rolls (gołąbki) from jars is actually pretty good. They hit the spot and are lighter than some other Poolish foods. Good for spring :)
freebird 3 | 532
22 Apr 2009 #70
BIGOS but I've heard it's really Ukrainian
22 Apr 2009 #71
cabbage rolls with mashroom sauce it is to die for and go to heaven.
22 Apr 2009 #72
I've heard it's really Ukrainian

Ukraine used to be a part of Poland...
freebird 3 | 532
22 Apr 2009 #73
it was and then it was not again. It's been changing all the time like almost the whole rest of Poland.
pgtx 30 | 3,158
22 Apr 2009 #74
we've got many foods from Ukraine... thanks for that....let's fart fart fart... ;)
Nathan 18 | 1,363
22 Apr 2009 #75
cabbage rolls with mashroom sauce it is to die for and go to heaven.

I would give my life for that and later when I am in heaven I want more of them + Gory Wawelskie --hmmmmm -mnyam-mnyam :)
22 Apr 2009 #76
+ Gory Wawelskie --hmmmmm -mnyam-mnyam :)

what is that?
AnnieRose - | 11
4 May 2009 #78
hehehe...I have used some of the recipes that you all shared (on some other thread), and suddenly my beloved Polish son-in-law decided my cooking was not as bad as he thought originally. I think I made ten pounds of meat in the Bigos, and he finished it himself within three days (yes, he has gained weight since I "learned to cook".)

While he enjoyed the other food, I think he liked this the best, so it is my favourite, too.

I wouldn't want to look into your toilet after eating all those raw yummies....

This is something you do often? LOL, I do not examine things like that, except in my own home. :D
piotr_au - | 7
4 Jul 2009 #79
Chesse in Poland is all basically some sort of tasteless yellow stuff. When in Poland I had to travel to the nearest city to buy a bad quality Cheddar, which tasted better than most Polish cheeses. The Poles love bland foods, just like their horrendous mayonaises.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
4 Jul 2009 #80
Kielecki mayo is really good, I actually prefer it to my long-time favourite Hellmans Babuni. Well, for the meantime anyway.

Do you think hunters stew (bigos) is bland? How about sour rye soup (żurek)? Even dumplings have flavour.

Please list the Polish cheeses that you know. I mean, I prefer the French and German ones for sure, as I love cheddar too, but what Polish cheeses do you know?
Sebastian 6 | 108
13 May 2012 #81
Merged: What is your favorite Polish dish, and your least favorite Polish dish?

Personally speaking, I think the best Polish food is Oscypek, Zurek, Pyzy, and Pierogi. I would add Goulash and Koptika, but those aren't really Polish, but they are delicious nontheless.

The worst food personally speaking, is Galoretka, Czarnina and Tripe Soup. I really tried to eat galoretka, I just can't like it lol. My whole family loves that stuff, but I just can't get into it.
jon357 63 | 15,120
13 May 2012 #82
Gulasz at its best is sublime, at its worst is absoutely rank. Oscypek is nothing special. Pyzy and pierogi are usually more bad than good, but czarnina is always delicious.

Polish food isn't wonderful by any means but a few dishes are excellent. Chlodnik Litewski is great, mizeria is too, patisony are good but pierogi (more Russian than Polish) are filling in winter- that is their only plus. The real star of Polish cuisine is the range of soups - ogorkowa, chlodnik.zurek etc. The gulasz soup in southern Poland, called bogracz is great as is kwasnica. The kielbasa is nice only if you buy the expensive stuff - the day to day kielbasa here in Poland for 20zl a kilo is carcinigenic and doesn't taste good.
13 May 2012 #83
Bigos, in the hands of someone with culinary know-how is awesome. Its rich and hearty. My mother-in-law uses rib meat, chicken, the whole nine. Fasolka po bretonsku isn't gonna be served in any five-star hotels, but it hits the spot like nothing else. Kopytka is a great base to pour a good mushroom or meat sauce over. Much heartier than rice. You can't go wrong with golabki, it's one of the few dishes we eat in the states, as well. I love kotlet schabowy, even if it's basically schnitzel, it's delicious. My wife won't eat meatballs, but I've devoured more than her share of pulpeti and klopsiki, both in mushroom sauce and without! Gulasz poured over potato pancakes is fantastic. In a skilled chef, there's very that can't be done to bring polish cuisine to great heights. Try it all!
Sebastian 6 | 108
13 May 2012 #84
Pyzy and pierogi are usually more bad than good

Naaa, its crap if its prepared by a bad cook, or if you buy the store packaged pierogi. If one cooks pyzy and pierogi right, with some fried bacon and onions, its magically delicious!

I love kotlet schabowy, even if it's basically schnitzel, it's delicious

I love kotley schabowy, but its an imitation of the schnitzel. The Wiener Schnitzel is the real thing, Schabowy is just a Polish imitation. That doesn't make it bad though.

Gulasz poured over potato pancakes is fantastic

This is one of my favorite dishes, but Goulash is not Polish. Polish Goulash is again, an imitation.
13 May 2012 #85
golabki used to be my number 1 favourite, but its been overtaken by zrazy. simply delicious. god, im getting hungry. time for breakfast i think
Pushbike 2 | 58
13 May 2012 #86
Golabki and far as I know Goulash is a Hungarian dish. I cannot stand Flaki or Polish meat in general but Czarnina is not bad.
jon357 63 | 15,120
13 May 2012 #87
with some fried bacon and onions

In effect a coronary on a plate.
strzyga 2 | 993
13 May 2012 #88
Polish Goulash is again, an imitation.

A creative imitation anyway. Hungarian goulash is a soup, and the ingredients differ.
p3undone 8 | 1,135
13 May 2012 #90
My favorite food is the stuffed cabbage.

My Grandfather use to make this soup that was tomato based with pork and sour kraut I think it's pronounced Ka poosta.
I really enjoyed it.

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