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Chocolate Bread Dessert

5 Jan 2021 #1
I have a recipe passed down from my Polish great aunt. She called it zwoobak or swoobak. It's a sweet bread equal weights eggs, flour, and sugar with chocolate chunks in it. I can't find any mention of it anywhere online and just wonder if it's just something she made up herself? Anybody heard of this? It's almost like babka, but much simpler.
pawian 182 | 16,920
5 Jan 2021 #2
It is called ćwibak in Polish, or keks, from English cakes. Except that a regular ćwibak doesn`t contain chocolate - what looked like chocolate chunks to you was in fact dried raisins, dates and other fruit

Not bad. I have always liked it on condition it didn`t contain dried orange peel which tastes too bitter to me.

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