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Butcher Shops in Krakow with Good Beef

BLS 65 | 188
20 Apr 2012 #1
Can anyone recommend a good butcher shop in Krakow? Specifically, a butcher shop with good cuts of beef? I want to prepare steak this weekend - perhaps a ribeye or porterhouse.

If this is too tall an order, then how about a place to buy frozen steaks? Perhaps some imported meat - any suggestions? Thanks for all constructive input...
Wroclaw Boy
20 Apr 2012 #2
The cut doenst mean shite buddy, it may look and smell like the most amazing piece of steak but i guarantee that unless its fillet the moment you put that steak to your mouth it will be as tough as old army boots.

If youre lucky you will find fillet steak in some of the big supermarkets, its called poładwica, priced from 100 PLN / KG, which is an amazing price compared to the UK.
OP BLS 65 | 188
23 Apr 2012 #3
I found polęwica at Tesco for 89 zł/kg - I prepared it on Sunday, and it was pretty good. However, it wasn't as tasty as a frozen imported steak I had last year. My Polish friend bought it for me, so I don't know where he got it (and he has since forgotten). So I will ask again - where can I buy frozen imported steaks in Krakow?

Also, why is beef tenderloin called "polęwica" and pork tenderloin called "polęwiczka"? Logic seems to dictate that "polęwiczka" would be a tenderloin from a calf - am I wrong? :-)
phtoa 9 | 236
23 Apr 2012 #4
Usually alma has some pretty good quality of beefs..
But I assume you have already tried there?
peterweg 37 | 2,319
23 Apr 2012 #5
Alma have a 'special' delivery service, apparently they have a good steak but no idea how good it is as I cannot stand the taste of Beef.

Its also possible to order it from France.
OP BLS 65 | 188
25 Apr 2012 #6
Its also possible to order it from France.

Gotta link?
peterweg 37 | 2,319
25 Apr 2012 #7
Maybe here

Our transport works only in Warsaw and surrounding areas.


these can arrange delivery elsewhere in Poland
pawian 181 | 16,861
25 Apr 2012 #8
It is hard to get good, tender, delicate beef in Poland. Polish staples are pork and poultry, not beef.
inkrakow 1 | 98
25 Apr 2012 #9
It's hard to get good beef here because they don't hang it. Basically it goes straight from the abbatoir to the shop and doesn't have any time to develop flavour. I suggest you go talk to the guys from Pimiento Argentine Grill as they bring in properly hung beef from Berlin. The Sklepik Naturalny on ul. Krupnicza (the one in the courtyard, half way down the street on the left as you walk away from Bagatela) also have regular deliveries from a good catering wholesaler in Berlin and may be willing to order you some.
pawian 181 | 16,861
25 Apr 2012 #10
Thanks, some guys here will find it very useful.

I don`t, because we don`t eat steaks at home. The only beef which I devour is raw meat but as it goes minced in the recipe, I don`t mind its lack of tenderness. Minced meat is tender neough for me. :):):):)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
6 May 2012 #11
Beef is not a hot item in Poland. Ther best beef from oxen known as bukaty is exported to Italy and elsewhere. Much of Polish beef on the market is tough as shoe leather and suited mainly for mince. It comes from old cows whose udders have dried up and cannot give milk anymore.

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