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NEW: Notorious trolls of the PolishForums Community are being permanently suspended

szczecinianin Activity: 4 / 347
Joined: 8 Sep 2013 ♂
3 Feb 2014  #121

Make a point or get yourself busy writing your blog that nobody reads...

The point I would make is that there is more to life, the universe and everything than this forum. We can come here to either to learn something or to amuse ourselves (or to troll) but there is a great big world outside. I'd rather (for example) know history, than the history of this forum.

I couldn't give a toss what 'X' said to 'Y' here a couple of years ago. I feel a profound sense of pity for those who hold the opposite opinion.

f stop Activity: 25 / 2,531
Joined: 9 Dec 2009 ♀
3 Feb 2014  #122

Oh really? :) It looks to me like you cannot stop yourself from picking over Harry's posts.
What name did you used to post under before you settled on Szczecinian?
szczecinianin Activity: 4 / 347
Joined: 8 Sep 2013 ♂
4 Feb 2014  #123

I hope that you will be remembered for this tired, common style:

szczecinianin:You really are a sad, angry little man.

Sorry. 'Woman'. My bad.
Lonman Activity: 4 / 112
Joined: 13 Sep 2007 ♂
9 Feb 2014  #124

We hope that new members (or dormant members) of PolishForums will welcome this decision and start contributing more to this Poland-related forum without a fear that their messages are ridiculed or contorted by trolls.

Great. Got a bit juvenile and rude so maybe come back more often.

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