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PolishForums Needs an Additional Moderator - maybe it is your chance?

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5 Apr 2014  #1

Spring has come and PolishForums needs a new moderator (hopefully for the years to come). He/she must meet the following criteria:


- Be on the site every day (or almost every day) and do the actual moderating job. That includes:

Fixing incorrect thread titles,
Removing spam or abusive messages,
Suspending trolls,
Checking Alert messages and acting upon them,
Answering PMs of other members,
Making sure discussions are on-topic and in proper forum categories.

We don't need someone who doesn't like doing daily chores.

- Be genuinely interested in Poland, Polish people, and Polish news.

- Be a conflict-free and objective person.


- Polish-language knowledge.

A good moderator won't have much time being very active on the forum, but he/she can help make Poland as great as she can be : ).

If you are interested, please send a PM to me or use the contact form: It is a unique thing to be able to put "I am a moderator of the biggest English-language forum about Poland" on your resume ;).

Thank you!

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