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MODS: Can you provide concrete examples of violations?

17 Jun 2016  #1

Showing just some code letters aaaa or oooo does not inform the poster
of why he is being warned.

When warning a poster, couldn't you point out that, for instance. "jon, you wrote: 'Harry is an a*sehole' and that constitutes abuse of another poster."

Or "Delph, your are writing about the constitutional row in a thread dealing with refugees and that is off-topic."

Unless, MODS, that is too much extra work for you?

johnny reb 15 | 2,944    
17 Jun 2016  #2

No whining UNTIL you become a member again.
jon357 69 | 13,456    
17 Jun 2016  #3

Anyone who can use a VPN (i.e.most people living outside their country of origin nowadays) can re-invent themselves online, as I gather you have yourself.

But yes, the warning system does seem vague and arbitrary.

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